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Is updating your iPhone to iOS 16.4 Worth it? (2023)

Are you confused if updating your iPhone to the latest IOS 16.4 worth it or not? Then check out this guide to know more.

iOS 16 brought many features like Dynamic Island, live activities, and more. However, one cannot ignore the bugs that made users annoying, such as the “cannot send this audio message at this time” error or the “Siri not working” error. However, every new update brings some new features and security patches that improve the user experience. Hence, with the latest iOS 16.4 now available to install, if you are asking if it is worth updating your iPhone? Then look no further as this guide covered all answers regarding the same.

iPhone: Should you update your device to iOS 16.4? (2023)

Is Updating your iPhone to iOS 16.4 worth it?

To know if updating your iPhone to the latest iOS 16.4 is worth it, we have taken note of features, security patches, and vulnerable bugs as mentioned below:

a. Features

The list of some notable features added in the latest iOS 16.4 update are:

  • Addition of 21 new sets of emojis that you can use on the iMessage app.
  • Web app notifications are now available on Home Screen.
  • Voice isolation feature is now available for cellular calls that rules out the noise in your background making your voice sound more clear in the call.
  • You can now use the VoiceOver feature on Maps using the Weather app.
  • Can detect duplicate photos and videos on the iCloud-shared photo library.
  • You can now automatically dim a running video when a flash or light is detected by turning on the ‘Dim-flashing light’ feature from the Accessibility settings.
  • Improved and optimized Crash Detection feature on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models.

b. Security Patches

  • CVE-2023-27969 and CVE-2023-27933 vulnerabilities patch.
  • No ‘Zero day’ threat, which means hackers cannot exploit any bugs before Apple comes up with a fix.
  • Apart from this, there were over 33 vulnerabilities that were fixed in the latest iOS 16.4 update, this includes the “Ask to Buy not working” bug.

c. Vulnerable bugs

As mentioned before there are no major vulnerabilities found in iOS 16.4, but there are some minor glitches that users might face like the “Apple Weather app not working” issue. However, to address these minor issues, Apple will roll out iOS 16.4.1 soon.

Hence, if you are ready to adjust to these minor glitches you should install iOS 16.4, as this update brings many amazing features. However, you can wait for a few weeks till the time Apple will roll out iOS 16.4.1 to fix any annoying glitches.

Hope this guide gave you clarity on whether you should update your iPhone to iOS 16.4 or not. Also, you can check out our other guides, such as How to use Visual Lookup on iPhone with iOS 16 or How to change notification position to the top on iPhone with iOS 16.