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How to Bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone with iOS 16

With iOS 16 on iPhone, it is possible to remove the CAPTCHA from websites, and this is how this invaluable feature is enabled, and on which sites it works.

Not only Stage Manager, deleting duplicate photos, unsending messages, and many other interesting little things were introduced with the launch of iOS 16, iPhone gained a new super feature with which they can bypass the annoying CAPTCHAs from supported websites. Here’s a guide on how to bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone with iOS 16, how this feature can be turned on, and on which sites it works.

iOS 16: How to Bypass CAPTCHA on iPhone

bypass captcha on iphone with ios 16

iOS 16 integrates a sophisticated user verification technology that will allow you to avoid the dreadful CAPTCHAs from now onwards. In practice, on supported sites, Apple will guarantee that there is a human being behind the device and will pass a message to the server.

This allows you to access the features of a particular website or app, without going through a maze of clicks and letters. CAPTCHAs (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) are a type of security measure that serves to prevent abuse. It allows you to establish whether there is actually a human or a bot on the other side.

Steps to Disable CAPTCHA on iOS 16

To disable CAPTCHAs in iOS 16 and let iPhone take care of them, simply follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings > Apple ID > Password & Security.
  • Turn on Automatic Verification.

When Auto Verification is turned on, iPhone self-verifies your device and Apple ID privately in the background, eliminating the need to fill out the irritating CAPTCHA. The only catch is that it only works on sites that decide to implement the feature.

Sites That Support Anti-CAPTCHA

As mentioned. Automatic Anti-CAPTCHA verification is limited to websites and apps that support private access tokens. At the moment, practically no site supports the feature, but thanks to the intervention of Cloudflare (which has created a free API called Turnstile), we expect a major diffusion on the Web in the coming months.

So here’s what we predict will happen. Apple’s anti-Captcha technology will soon become a standard and spread rapidly across a growing number of apps and websites. It is really a matter of a few weeks or months, and finally, say goodbye to CAPTCHAs.

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