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How To Downgrade watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 on Apple Watch

Tired of using the watchOS 9 Developer Beta? Would you like to downgrade watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch?

Apple Watch just got a new update, the watchOS 9 Developer Beta version which was made available to the users a few days ago. If you haven’t already, Download and Install watchOS 9 Developer Beta on Your Apple Watch. But let us warn you, every software that is released in beta form is usually full of bugs. You might be fed up with these bugs and would like to know how to downgrade watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch, right?

The Apple Watch makes it easier for users to keep a track of their health, sleep routine, and other stuff. It can be quite useful in many ways such as receiving and making calls using Apple Watchusing Apple Pay on Apple Watch, etc. When the users get a new developer beta version for any operating system, it is quite normal to face small and even big issues. That is the reason why you should never install beta software on your primary device and if you do, you must backup your device immediately. So, did you backup your Apple Watch before installing the watchOS 9 developer beta software?

How to Restore watchOS 8 on Apple Watch and Remove watchOS 9


It is better to know that your Apple Watch, as of now, cannot be downgraded from watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 at home. There is no way in which you can uninstall watchOS 9 and install watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch. So, what should you do now? Well, there are two things that you can do in this situation:

Visit Apple Service Center to Get watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch

If your Apple Watch is still under its warranty period, any Apple Service Center near you may help you to downgrade watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 for free. Even if your Apple Watch is not under warranty anymore, you can still visit Apple Service Center and get the job done for a cost. Though this method may sound a bit unappealing, this is the only way you can get watchOS 8 back on your Apple Watch. Replacing the watchOS 9 is important as it can cause problems for you even later.

Wait for watchOS Updates

If you do not want to visit any Apple Service Center, you can simply wait for further full-fledged updates for your Apple Watch which will be much more stable than the watchOS 9 Developer Beta version. It can take some time but if you can wait till then, your Apple Watch will surely get a better update than the current one.

These are the only two things that you can do as of now since it is not possible to manually downgrade watchOS 9 to watchOS 8 on your Apple Watch. Till then, why don’t you explore your Apple Watch with the help of these guides: How to Download and Install watchOS 8.7 Beta on Apple Watch and How to Erase Apple Watch Without Phone or Without Passcode.