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ChatGPT vs Google Bard – Is Google Bard Better than ChatGPT?

This ChatGPT vs Google Bard comparison guide has compared these generative AI to know which is the best.

Since, the release of ChatGPT, Google has been developing its AI. Meanwhile, OpenAI developed ChatGPT over time and created ChatGPT-4 which can generate prompts using visual input. On the other hand at the latest Google I/O 2023 event Google announced its new language model PaLM 2, which will enhance the Google Bard’s capability. So, every tech enthusiast in the world has only one question “Is Google Bard better than ChatGPT?”, the answer for the same is in this ChatGPT vs Google Bard guide.

ChatGPT vs Google Bard: Which Generative AI is the Best?

ChatGPT vs Google Bard

Both ChatGPT and Google Bard are generative AI chatbots which means they provide responses in text format. So, here are the following criteria that can decide which AI is the best:

1. Internet Access

If seen over the head Google Bard has internet access which ChatGPT lacks. So, this feature is limited for ChatGPT. So, ChatGPT cannot generate information that is updated. However, if you see Bing AI which is powered by ChatGPT to an extent, you can say ChatGPT has internet access. Unfortunately, when seen at the individual level, ChatGPT lacks internet support. Even though Bard is in the experimental phase it can generate responses in a more comprehensive and informative manner. To evident this, we asked both ChatGPT and Google Bard if they can provide the latest tech news updates. ChatGPT generated the following response:

ChatGPT news Update

Surprisingly, Google Bard listed tech news that was released before 24 hours, and here’s what Google Bard generated:

Google Bard News Update

Note that Google Bard is still in the experimental phase, and it could deliver the news 24 hours or later, which shows the capability of Google Bard when it’s fully released.

2. Prompts

One of the Crucial factors is the prompts. Currently, ChatGPT can generate responses using visual inputs. However, Bard can do a lot more than that. Using Google Lens you can help Bard to interpret images. It can also generate responses using voice prompts. This overwhelming feature is what gives Google Bard an upper hand in this AI race.

3. Coding

If you have read our “Can ChatGPT write code?” guide you would have already known how a general response is created by ChatGPT and how it cannot be used to debug codes. However, using Google Collab you can generate codes with the help of Bard. Currently, Bard can generate codes in 20 languages which include C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Python, and Typescript. But again because Google Bard is in the experimental phase it can make mistakes and might not accurately debug your codes. However, one can say Google Bard is doing exceptionally great when it comes to coding in the experimental phase.

4. Plugins

Again a limitation of ChatGPT is the plugin. On the other hand, ChatGPT is still working on its Plugins features. Google has already powered its G-suite products with Google Bard. Users have already started using the ‘Help me write a mail’ feature on Gmail. So undoubtedly, even in the plugins, Google Bard is one step further than ChatGPT.

In short, Google Bard is a potential competitor for ChatGPT. However, being in the experimental phase Google Bard still needs improvement. So, for now, you can rely on ChatGPT for comprehensive outputs. But, if you want updated and well-informed outputs, you can use Google Bard.

With that, this ChatGPT vs Google Bard guide ends. Also, check out our other guides, such as How to use ChatGPT Plugins or the Best ChatGPT-like Android app list.