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Can ChatGPT Write Code? How Accurate is ChatGPT in Coding? (2023)

If you are thinking to generate codes using ChatGPT to simplify the work, then check out this guide.

ChatGPT is an AI-powered Chatbot tool that generates natural language responses based on user input. Since ChatGPT solves most of the queries within minutes most coders might be excited to use it for coding. But can ChatGPT write code? How accurately can it write codes? The answers to these questions are in this guide.

ChatGPT: Can it Write a Code? How accurate it is in writing a Code (2023)

Can ChatGPT write Code

The answer to if ChatGPT can write codes is not simple. This AI chatbot is designed to have a human-like conversation than being a code generator. Hence, ChatGPT does not have any specific knowledge or skills in programming languages or frameworks. This means that it can produce code-like text. But these codes are not guaranteed to be correct or optimal every time. For example, if the user asks ChatGPT to write a function in Python that returns the difference between two numbers, it might generate something like this:

def subtract_numbers(a, b):
return (a – b)

This might look like a valid Python code, but unless you run the code, you might not know if the code is syntax error-free. This is because ChatGPT does not know how to handle errors or exceptions as it tries to mimic the user’s input. Therefore, ChatGPT is not a reliable source of code generation. It might occasionally produce some code snippets that work, but it might also generate nonsensical or harmful code that can cause errors or damage. Hence, it is not advisable to use ChatGPT for any serious coding tasks or projects.

Can ChatGPT Plugins be used to generate Codes?

For now, ChatGPT is best suited for generating natural language responses that are engaging and entertaining. However, ChatGPT plugins can be a game changer. If Open AI creates extensions that help you to generate codes of various coding languages like Python, Java, C, and more. It can save a lot of time. However, this is not happening in the near future due to certain limitations.

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