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Best ChatGPT Like Android App – Top AI Apps For Smartphones (2023)

This guide has a list of a few best ChatGPT like Android apps that you should install on your smartphone.

ChatGPT is the most popular AI chatbot in the world, currently. This AI-powered chatbot can give you responses to your queries in seconds in a conversational manner that is easy to grasp. But with the introduction of ChatGPT, there was a storm of AI apps that serves unique purposes like generating images, writing essays, and more. With this new tech wave users are curious to know more about AI apps. Hence, if you are looking for the best ChatGPT-like Android app to install and use on your smartphone, look no further as this guide has a list of some top AI apps for you.

Android: Best ChatGPT like AI apps (2023)

AI can be very useful to complete lengthy and complex tasks in no time. Like generating images, writing high-quality descriptions, or writing a long essay. You might have tried ChatGPT once by now. But there are a few best ChatGPT-like AI apps that you can install and use on your Android smartphone as mentioned in the below list that you can try:

1. Chatsonic

Chatsonic - Best ChatGPT like Android app

ChatGPT is limited with the information as the latest information that ChatGPT has is from 2022. However, this is where Chatsonic outperforms ChatGPT. Using Google’s knowledge network, Chatsonic provides updated and the most recent information which is much more reliable than the information given by ChatGPT. Chatsonic comes with a free plan where you can only get up to 10,000 words of information generated. The cheapest premium tier starts the $12 which increases word limit generation up to 12000 words. You can get the custom plan for your business anywhere between $600 – $1000 which is negotiable. You can install Chatsonic on your Android phone from the Google Play Store.

2. Jasper AI

Jasper AI -best ChatGPT like Android app

Jasper generates high-quality essay-type content in a very short time. The price range of Jasper AI is dynamic and flexible according to the need. The cheapest Starter pack starts at $24/month for 20,000 words and can extend up to 350k words with basic features like a sample AI template, browser extension, and 30+ language writing support. The Boss Mode plan starts at $49 per month with a 50,000-word limit that can be customized and extended up to 700K words with the features like Jasper Art, SEO mode, edit and format content within the documents, and more. Finally, the Business plan comes with a negotiable price range with an unlimited word limit. Moreover, this plan supports features like Custom Templates & Automated Workflows, API access, and more. You can download Jasper from the Google Play Store on your Android phone.

3. Bing AI

Bing Ai - Best ChatGPT like Android apps

Bing is the search engine developed by Microsoft which is now powered by ChatGPT to give you more relevant results to your queries. You can even generate images using the Bing image generator which was powered by Dall-E2 another product of Open AI. There are ‘Creative’, ‘Balanced’, and ‘Precise’ modes available for Bing AI. The creative mode can be used to generate creative ideas for your content. The Balanced mode on the other hand can be used to generate accurate and creative responses. Finally, the Precise mode generates accurate and factual information. Additionally, you can compose blogs, articles, emails, and more using Bing AI for free. You can install Big AI for free on the Google Play Store.

These were the few best ChatGPT-like Android apps that you can install and use on your smartphone. Also, check out our other guides, such as How to use ChatGPT 4 for free without subscribing to ChatGPT Plus or How to use ChatGPT Plugins.