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How to Change the Time Font on iPhone with iOS 16 (2023)

To Change the time font on your iPhone with iOS 16, this guide has some tips and tricks to follow.

The customization feature of iOS 16 is helpful for users to personalize their screens by setting different lock screen and home screen wallpapers or by using depth effects to set time behind the wallpaper. One such customization feature that this new OS version offers is to change the clock font. For the users who are curious to know how to change the time font on iPhone with iOS 16, this guide will help you.

iOS 16: How to Change the Time Font on iPhone (2023)

Change Clock font on iOS 16 iPhone

  • To change the time font, press and hold any space on your lock screen till the customizing window appears on the bottom screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Customize’ button.
  • Tap on the ‘Time’ widget to open the font and color customizable window.
  • Select the font style and color you desire.
  • Though there are not many font options available, still you can choose the desired color from the color pallet with plenty of options.
  • You can even select a color from the wallpaper with the help of a dropper to match the clock’s appearance with your lock screen wallpaper.
  • Tap the ‘Done’ option after customizing your lock screen’s clock to save.
  • The customized clock will appear on the lock screen.

Troubleshoot Changing Clock Font

While changing the clock font encountering errors is rare, but if you found one, follow these steps:

  • Force restarting your device can fix some minor errors. To perform a force restart press and release the volume buttons alternatively. Now press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears.
  • Update your device software from Settings > General > Software updates > Download and install.
  • Uninstall all the third-party apps on your device.
  • If nothing works, factory reset your iPhone with a proper backup.

That’s everything covered on how to change time font on iPhone with iOS 16. Also, check out our other guides like How to delete wallpapers on iOS 16 or How to get depth effect wallpaper on iOS 16.