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5 Best Android Auto Wireless Adapter

Get the list of the best 5 wireless adapters for your Android Auto with sleek design, Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

Android Auto helps us connect our Android devices with the car’s infotainment system. But every time connecting the Android device to the vehicle using a USB can be a little irritating. Another way is using a Wireless Adapter, that connects to your car with a USB cable and then you can connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth to use Android Auto. These adapters are easy and do not come with complicated setup procedures. Here is a list of top wireless adapters that are compatible with Android Auto.

Best Wireless Adapter For Android Auto (2023)

Here is a list of 5 wireless adapters that you can buy to connect to your Android Auto and enjoy a pleasant drive.

OttoCast U2-X – Overall Best Adapter

OttoCast Wireless Adapter

The OttoCast U2X wireless adapter comes with an easy 2-step set-up process with a 5GHz fast transmission for data and media. It has a sleek design with good build quality and you can easily pair it with your phone as well as your car. The OttoCast connects automatically to your device when it detects it nearby, using the 15S auto-connect technology. Also, this not only connects with Android Auto but with Apple CarPlay too. Allows easy Bluetooth connectivity and a 1-year warranty. This might be costly for some of you but can be easily used with both, CarPlay and Android Auto.

AA Wireless

AA Wireless Adapter

Next, we have the AA Wireless Bluetooth connectivity adapter for your car. This allows fast connection, easy setup method, offers stable and fast connection, good audio syncing, and much more at a lower price than the OttoCast. Though it might have some occasional lags and some glitches, it comes with an app to keep the software up-to-date. Also, it connects with both USB-C and USB-A cables.

CarlinKit A2A

CarlinKit A2A

The CarlinKit A2A is another pick that we have for you as one of the best wireless adapters for Android Auto. It has all three types of connectivity to offer; Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB-C. The 5.8 GHz speed is the highest of all the other adapters in the list. Also, this offers lag-free working and connects with devices having Android 10 or above only. The adapter is a large-size adapter and is not compatible with all car models. The model falls in the cheaper category as compared to all the other adapters.

Motorola MA1

Motorola MA1

The Motorola MA1 on the list comes with a sleek design and a 5 GHz transmission speed. It has been priced at a premium but is safe and efficient to use. Also, it comes with a short cable, a small gel pad (to fix it to a surface), and Bluetooth connectivity. But the drawback of this wireless adapter is facing compatibility issues with the new Android updates and it does not have a USB-A to USB-C connectivity.

CarSifi – New Wireless Adapter

CarSifi Adapter

Lastly, we have the CarSifi which has come in the market recently. This falls on our list because of the features that it offers even after being new. It offers fast media and data transmission, 2.4 or 5 GHz Wifi, can be connected to multiple phones, and more. One special feature of the model is the Magic Button on the front that allows multi-device connectivity and easy access to change music or answer calls. The only issue that can be faced is occasional disconnection but is a good wireless adapter with an effective price tag.

These were the best 5 Wireless Adapters to connect with Android Auto. If you want to know more about Android Auto, read our guides on – How To Add Android Auto to Any Car? or How To Download the Latest Version Of Android Auto?  Also if you need a cheaper alternative then check our guide on the best compatible Android Auto USB-Cables.