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List Of Android Auto Compatible USB Cables & Where to buy?

Could not find a compatible USB cable for your Android Auto? We have a list of USB cables you can buy and use easily.

Android Auto Compatible USB Cables are the only type of cable that will work with cars. So this guide will help you to find the list of best Android Auto Compatible USB Cables. You can use these cables to connect your Smartphone to your Car and use the Android Auto app.

Different USB Cables Compatible With Android Auto

One of the best compatible cables with Android Auto is the one that comes with your Android device. If in case, it stops working or you do not want to use that cable, there are a bunch of other cables which can be used. There are a lot of things to keep in mind before you buy the cable. Some of the things to keep in mind are:

  • Shorter the wire, the better the connectivity. The USB cables that you buy must not be longer than 6 feet (1.8 m)
  • It should be a high-speed cable. The one that already comes with your device is mostly a high-speed cable.
  • Avoid using cable extensions. This can create problems with the working of Android Auto.

Keeping all these in mind find, we have created a list of cables that you can select for your Android Auto connection. These cables can be either USB-C or Micro USB, depending on the device you are using. Let us check the list of the cables that can be brought and from where.

Micro-USB Cables

If you have an Android device with Micro USB connecting port, these 3 can be the best picks for you to buy to connect with your car.

1. AmazonBasics Micro USB AmazonBasics Micro USB

AmazonBasics Micro USB Android Auto compatible cable is a high-speed 3 feet long USB cable that also comes in 6 feet and 10 feet lengths. But the 3 feet one is the better option for high-speed data transmission. It is compact and allows fast charging as well. You can buy this Micro USB cable from Amazon only.

2. Anker Micro USB Cable


Another Android Auto-compatible cable is Anker’s Micro USB cable which is 6 feet long. It comes with compatibility with Samsung devices as well for charging and data transmission. It allows a good speed for data transmission and can be brought from Amazon.

3. Monoprice Micro USB Cable

Monoprice Premium

The third one on the list we have the Monoprice micro USB cable that comes in three different lengths; 0.5 ft, 1.5 ft, and 6 ft. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and ensures good speed data transmission with compatibility with Android Auto, Nokia, Samsung, and other devices. You can buy it on Amazon.

USB-C Type

Most Androids go with USB-C connecting ports. These are some of the USB-C Cables that are compatible with Android Auto.

1. AmazonBasics USB-C Cable

AmazonBasics USB-C to USB-A

The AmazonBasics USB-C Cables come with USB-C to USB-A connection and are 3.3ft long (1 meter approx.). It also works as a charging cable along with data transfer. Also, it is compatible with your PC, Laptop, and Mac. The AmazonBasics is a cheap and affordable USB-C Cable that you can easily buy from Amazon only.

2. Anker USB-C Cable

Anker USB-C Cable

Another USB-C 3 feet long Cable that you can buy is the Anker USB-C Cable, which comes with a lifetime warranty. The cable assures super-speed data transmission over an Android Auto connection and allows super-fast charging for mobiles and tablets except for Google Pixel. Also, it is highly durable and can be brought from Walmart as well as Amazon.

3. Inateck USB-A Male to USB C Cable

Inateck USB

The last in the list we have is the Inateck USB-A to USB-C new generation connection cable for Android Auto connection. It comes with a type-C reversible design and allows connection both ways. Also, it has connectivity with all the new generation Android devices as well as the new Mac Book Pro. This can be purchased from Amazon.

These were some of the Android Auto compatible USB Type-C and Micro USB Cables that can be brought from Amazon or Walmart as mentioned for each of them. You can also reduce the stress of wire connection by going wireless using Android Auto compatible Wireless Adapters.