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Metal Gear Solid Remake Is Happening, Voice Actor Says

The rumors regarding a possible remake of Metal Gear Solid, or the arrival of a new chapter in the saga, have become increasingly insistent in recent months.

Not only did Konami recently register the Metal Gear Solid trademark, but the game’s Twitter account also staged a fun little curtain with a fictional Big Shell worker, announcing important news for this week. Solid Snake’s longtime voice actor David Hayter also spoke on the matter recently.

In a recent interview, David Hayter said he heard about the project from his sources just a few days ago, before the rumor became “an industry rumor.” None of this gives us official confirmations, but if the historic voice actor of Snake is speaking, the possibilities become much more concrete.

“I only had some confirmation that it might not be a rumor a couple of days ago. And even that was like still a rumor. But now it’s an industry rumor, so that tends to be a little more accurate,” Hayter says at the 47-minute timestamp mark in the video below.

Hayter voiced Solid Snake in multiple chapters of the saga, before being replaced by Kiefer Sutherland in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We still don’t know if he will return in the eventual remake of Metal Gear Solid, but we are sure that fans would love to see him back.

Hayter has in fact claimed that the original dialogue lines of the first chapter would be unusable today. The dialogues have been refreshed for the 2004 remake, The Twin Snake, but Hayter also expressed serious doubts about their reuse.

In recent years Konami has retreated from the spotlight, and we have no news of a possible return of its historic brands. However, given the hype from fans, the time for a new Metal Gear may be ripe.