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Metal Gear Solid IP Is Being Licensed Out by Konami In Relation To Kojima & Xbox Rumors

Although Konami in recent months has decided to revolutionize its corporate structure, focusing mainly on more profitable projects, the Japanese giant would be seriously considering the idea of ​​licensing one of its most famous IPs, namely Metal Gear Solid.

According to the recent statements of ACG-Gaming, it would be more than a simple rumor, given that the source (of his knowledge) has proved very reliable in the last period, also anticipating the delay of the highly anticipated Deathloop of Bethesda.

The person who told me this, has been with me since Far Cry Primal leaks lol. And mostly has been right, from Bethesda moving to 0 day review code and this year to Death loop, Bloodlines, Dragons Dogma 2 leak, Xbox game boost work, and a couple more this year.

I was simply stating I had heard from a source, the same that informed of the Xbox boost the Death loop delay, Bloodlines, and the other stuff I had talked about as saying this happening and that Metal Gear ITSELF was in some way UP for grabs. Which then popped up in this discussion about Kojima(you guys SHOULD know I am not a huge Kojima follower as a person and don’t work on personal leaks really ever as I find it a bit creepy)

That source has been reliable all this year so I said it. I don’t have the time to really discuss bs so I don’t repeat most. But they were right about the Bloodlines stuff the Deathloop stuff. So I figured it was worthy.

At the moment, we remind you to take ACG-Gaming’s words with due precautions, given that Konami has not confirmed (nor denied) that it has licensed the Metal Gear Solid IP to any external team, much less than the speculated new project of Kojima (in collaboration with Microsoft) may concern a new chapter of the famous video game saga starring Snake.

Waiting to learn more about the story, we remind you that Deathloop (the very interesting first-person shooter of the French software house) will debut exclusively on PlayStation 5 and PC no longer on 21 May, but on 14 September 2021.