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New Metal Gear Announcement Teased for Next Week

Is there a new Metal Gear announcement on the way? The series’ official Twitter account responded to a suspicious account with the words “we have visitors coming next week.”

The future of the Metal Gear series still hangs in the balance. After the game designer and series creator Hideo Kojima left his former employer Konami in 2015 and started working on Death Stranding in his own studio Kojima Productions, there wasn’t much to be heard from the title – apart from the disappointing Metal Gear Survive. But for a few weeks, there has been a lot of rumor.

The rumors and hints about a new Metal Gear announcement are dedicated to possible ports and remakes, but also to brand new games. But even if many insiders and gamers are now quite certain that something will be heard and seen from the brand in the foreseeable future, Konami has not yet made any announcement.

However, there could soon be more light in the dark, in addition to the latest rumors, the official Twitter account of the game has now provided quite relevant information. A few hours ago, a rather cryptic tweet was posted on the social media account.

In response to the tweet of a newly created account, the authors suggest that something Metal Gear related could happen in the coming week.

The mysterious Twitter account of Tom Olsen, to which the makers of the title reacted, has been active since April 8, 2021 and only follows four other accounts. These are Metal Gear Official, New York Mets, Hideo Kojima, and Konami.

And even if Tom Olson doesn’t actually appear in the game, he seems to have a strong connection with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. In this context, pictures from the same title and stories from Big Shell – where Tom Olsen apparently works as a technician – were posted on the account. That at least suggests that a remaster or remake is in the pipeline.

While it is ultimately unclear whether the tweets actually indicate a new Metal Gear project or whether those responsible are only joking at the moment, readers should take this report for what it is: a mere rumor.

Should there really be an announcement in the coming week, you will find out as usual in our news column for sure. But what do you think of a possible remake or remaster? Or would you rather see a completely new game?