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Lethal Company Ship Upgrades: How To Get All

Wondering how to get all the ship Upgrades in Lethal Company? Here's everything to know about them and if there are any Permanent upgrades.

You need some essential items and upgrades to survive the terrifying monstrosities in Lethal Company. This is where the ship upgrades can come to your and your crew’s rescue for different runs. These improvements for your ship can not only help for exploration but also to evade or survive your enemies. Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to get all ship upgrades in Lethal Company. In our guide, we have also explained what every upgrade does and its uses. Also, find out if there are any permanent upgrades you can use.

How to Get All Ship Upgrades in Lethal Company

how to get all ship upgrades in lethal company
Image Source – Zeekerss on YouTube.

There are only three ship upgrades available for players to use. They are as follows:

  • Teleporter – 375 Credits
  • Inverse Teleporter – 425 Credits
  • Loud Horn – 150 Credits

You can purchase all these upgrades for ship at the Terminal Console. That said, you cannot use any of the above ship items for your run. But you should know how to use them before purchasing at the Terminal. So, let’s delve into more details on using these ship upgrades in Lethal Company:


Teleporter is the most useful ship upgrade for your team as it can Teleporter any crewmates into a desired location. This can be crucial while surviving monsters like Ghost Girl which targets only one player during the run. The only drawback is that it doesn’t transfer any bought or earned items.

Inverse Teleporter

This ship upgrade can Teleport your teammates into a random location throughout the map. While it’s a bit risky tool, it can help you evade monsters at the moment.

Loud Horn

Aside from annoying your crewmembers, Loud Horn is an essential upgrade to get them to the ship. It can also be used to distract the different creatures, monsters, and enemies from your team. But since it’s a ship upgrade, you cannot use it during your runs.

Are there any Permanent Upgrades in Lethal Company?

No, there are no permanent upgrades for the ship. Similar to the items and other gear, you are required to buy these upgrades again for your next runs. This also includes any cosmetics or decor items on the ship. Hopefully, Zeekerss will change and make at least some of these items permanent.

If that happens, we will ensure updating this guide. Until then, check out our complete list of all the items in Lethal Company.

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