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How To Get To The Submarine In Lethal Company

Unable to find the Submarine in Lethal Company? Here's everything you need to know about the secret or hidden generator.

Lethal Company is filled with hidden easter eggs scattered around the different moons aside from exploring the terrifying creatures and monsters. As players scavenge for scrap and hidden items, they come across a secret submarine, generator, drill, or battery in the Company planet. Labelled as a Battery and the words “DONT TELL”, this submarine isn’t interactable or has any uses till now. But if you are looking for its exact location, this guide can help you check it out. Here’s how to get to the submarine in Lethal Company. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Where to Find the Hidden Submarine in Lethal Company

How to Get to Hidden Submarine in Lethal Company
Image Source: AquaticBreakfast on YouTube.

You can find the submarine at the bottom of the Company’s industrial building or base headquarters. You can head to the Company Headquarters, 71 Gordion by typing “moons” and “company” respectively into the Console Terminal on your ship. Once typed, enter the “confirm” on your console to head to the route.

Follow the below steps to get to the Hidden Submarine in Lethal Company:

  • As you reach the Company HQ, leave the ship through the ladder to the left.
  • Head between the two shipping containers in front of you.
  • Once close to the hatch, press the E key button to enter the hatch.
  • Then, press the E key button on the ladder to head down the level.
  • From the bottom ladder, head right and follow the walkway until you see a metal railing.
  • Jump on the railing placed above the vertical beam.
  • Then, walk on the beam till the end until you see a corner.
  • From there, jump on the other platform next to the vertical beam.
  • Turn on the lights by interacting with the hanging wired panel.
How to Get to Hidden Submarine in Lethal Company
Image Source: AquaticBreakfast on YouTube.
  • Lastly, you can find the Secret Submarine once the lights have turned on.

Ultimately, this hidden easter egg or submarine is not interactable in any way as mentioned before. But that said, Zeekerss might change this in their future updates and patches. If that happens, we will ensure to update this guide.

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