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Will You Get Banned For Using Mods In Lethal Company?

Planning to try out some mods in Lethal Company? You should first check out the risks of whether you can get banned for it.

PC games and modding often go hand-in-hand, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are already plenty of mods for Lethal Company. Since it is a fun game to play no matter if you are playing with your friends or with strangers. These mods just add extra functionality or other quality-of-life features like fixing resolution, custom FOV, and more. But some of them can give you an edge over the users that are not using them. So here is the answer to whether the game will ban you for using them.

Can Lethal Company Ban You for Using Mods?

Will Lethal Company Ban You For Using Mods
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Technically the game can ban you depending on the type of mods you are using. However, many players have been using mods for this game already and they haven’t been banned so it is unlikely that the game will ban you. One of the most popular mods for the game is the larger lobby mod. You can check out this Steam thread to see other people’s opinions on this matter.

The biggest reason they shouldn’t ban you is the lobbies are peer-to-peer. This conclusion comes from Steam user Jake.

According to another user Sasha Mason, the developer doesn’t want the game’s mods to be discussed on their server. That is totally understandable because when such mods are discussed people may mistake it for being approved by the developer. Additionally, if someone slips in malware using the name of such mods, that would not only harm the person using the mod or players in their lobby but also damage the game’s reputation.

So if you are planning to use mods there are two main things you should do:

  • Avoid using mods on non-modded lobbies: This gives you an unfair advantage in the game. Since the game is fairly recent at the time of writing this article it lacks certain features. Notably, the options to report or kick players. Using such mods ruins the experience for players who don’t want to do anything with mods and are just looking to enjoy the game. It is fine if you are using mods in a lobby with your friends or like-minded players with the same mods as then everyone would be on the same page.
  • Download Mods from Reputable sources: This is for your safety. While using mods is fun, getting it from shady sites or unsafe sources puts your system at risk.

That is all about whether Lethal Company will ban you for using mods. Don’t forget to also check our Lethal Company section for help on topics like how to fix FPS drops and more.