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Lethal Company: All Items List And How To Use Them Effectively

Here's the complete list of all the items in Lethal Company and how to use them.

Lethal Company features a plethora of items that players can effectively use to deal with the monstrosities that lay ahead. These include Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Boombox, Digipicker, Jetpack, and more items that can be essential during your runs. As you explore various moons and face the hordes of enemies, you need to rely on the bought items to survive with your friends.

So, check out our list of all the Lethal Company items and use them effectively. In our guide, we have also mentioned the exact steps to buy these items and their prices. Here’s everything you need to know.

All Lethal Company Items and How to Use Them

Lethal Company Items and How to Use Effectively
Image Source: Steam

Here’s the list of all the items and how to use them effectively:

  • Boombox
    • Price: 60 Credits

You can use the Boombox to play music to distract or attract enemies. This can help you and your teammates survive the terrifying monsters.

  • Extension Ladder
    • Price: 60 Credits

To help you reach higher ground in no time, the Extension Ladder is exactly as its name implies. It uses the nearest object for support and can be used to reach or travel heights.

  • Flashlight
    • Price: 15 Credits

The Flashlight is a must-buy item to head to the dark places in no time. But a regular Flashlight can run out of battery if used for too long.

  • Pro-Flashlight
    • Price: 25 Credits

While doing the same job as a Flashlight, this item has a more durable battery. This can help you use a flashlight for a longer time.

  • Jetpack
    • Price: 700 Credits

The Jetpack allows you to fly and travel different distances using the thrusters. However, this item is the costliest in Lethal Company out of the entire list.

  • Lockpicker
    • Price: 20 Credits

This item can be used to pick locks and unlock the different rooms in the facilities.

  • Radar Booster
    • Price: 50 Credits

The Radar Booster is the best item to bring all of your crewmates together at your ship’s base or a particular facility. Note that someone needs to control this item using the Terminal console. For that, you need to send a ping to your crewmates by sending the correct commands.

  • Shovel
    • Price: 30 credits

The Shovel is a weapon that can be used for defending yourself against monsters and creatures. You can also use this item to disable mines and turrets. This is the only weapon that can be purchased through the Terminal Store.

  • TZP-Inhalant
    • Price: 120 Credits

You can use this item to grant yourself faster movements and extra stamina for some seconds temporarily. The TZP-Inhalant is the most useful item when the odds are against you and your teammates. It can also be used when you are carrying extra weight or dealing with a ghost you cannot evade at normal speed.

  • Stun Grenade
    • Price: 40 Credits

As its name implies, you can use the Stun Grenade to stun monsters, creatures, and other enemies temporarily. It can also be used strategically to deal damage to them for a short time.

  • Zap Gun
    • Price: 400 credits

Similar to the Stun Grenade, the Zap Gun can stun your enemies for a longer time. You can use it offensively with your teammates as an item to take down horrible monsters.

  • Walkie Talkie
    • Price: 15 Credits

You can use the walkie-talkie to talk to your crewmates no matter how far they are exploring or dealing with monsters in the facilities. While you can also communicate with your teammates using the in-game mic, it works only when they are close.

How to Buy Items in Lethal Company

All Lethal Company Items and How to Use Them Effectively
Image Source: Steam

You can buy every item by heading to the Terminal Store on your ship. Once interacted, follow the below steps to buy items:

  • Head to the Terminal Console and press the E button to interact with it.
  • Type Store and press the Enter button. This will list all the available items and materials.
  • Then, type the item you want to buy and press the Enter button.
  • Finally, type “CONFIRM” and press the Enter button to buy that item.

You can also buy multiple items for your friends by entering the correct command. For example, if you want to buy four Boomboxes, the command will be as follows:

  • Boombox 4

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