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Super Mario RPG All Tadpole Songs Solutions & Rewards

Wondering what the correct order is to jump on the tadpoles for each song in Super Mario RPG? This guide has you covered with them.

Super Mario RPG is an incredible remake of the original game that was released for the SNES. As such, the game brings back many mechanics that were there in the original while also changing them. This includes the locations of some hidden treasure chests. One of the many things that players need help with is the solutions for the Tadpole songs.

These are simple tunes that you can play by jumping on the tadpoles when they are at the right position. However, when you jump at the wrong time that changes the notes and won’t play the correct song. So here is how you should play all three songs in this game.

How to Play All Tadpole Songs in Super Mario RPG and Their Rewards

There are three songs that you can play, the solution is the same as what it was for the game’s SNES version. We’ll check the notes below, but for now, here is what each song is called and the reward you get for playing them:

  • Frogfucius’ Suite #18 – Tadpole Song 1
    • Reward: Alto Card
  • Mole Mountain Blues – Tadpole Song 2
    • Reward: Tenor Card
  • Monstro Town Melody – Tadpole Song 3
    • Reward: Soprano Card

Frogfucius’ Suite #18

Super Mario RPG Tadpole Song Solution 1

In order to play the first song you can talk to Songfucious to get the notes. But if you can’t find them or weren’t able to understand what those notes meant then refer to the above image for the first tadpole song solution.

This song gives you the Alto Card as a reward.

Mole Mountain Blues – Super Mario RPG Tadpole Song Solutions

Super Mario RPG Tadpole Song Solution 2

After playing the first song continue ahead with the story until you are done saving the two mole children. After your cart crashes, and once you are able to return to the Melody Bay you can go to the tadpole pond for the second song. Check the above image to see what it should look like.

This song gives you the Tenor Card as a reward.

Monstro Town Melody

The third song surprisingly is the easiest one on this list to play. There is no particular order in which you have to jump on the tadpoles as Toadofsky wants to see your creativity and will ask you to play anything of your choice. So jump around on tadpoles wherever they are placed and you will complete the song. In order to unlock it:

  1. Go to the Monstro Town.
  2. Talk to the mayor, then go up and talk to the pink starfish in the top-left corner.
  3. Now, go back to Melody Bay and you can play the last song.

This song gives you the Monstro Card as a reward.

That’s all for the tadpole songs in Super Mario RPG and their rewards. For more help on this game you can also check our guide on how to upgrade Mario’s powers.