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Super Mario RPG Level Up Bonus Guide – How To Upgarde Mario Powers?

Mario RPG is back with an new look but with the same old-school mechanism. Entering into each level requires more strength to deal with enemies, here is how to level up fast.

Super Mario RPG has a Character Level System where you can increase Health, Attack, or Defense. As you progress into a new Level tougher enemies block the path. This guide will help you to learn about the Mario RPG character progression system. How it works, how to level up fast, and what most important Mario Stats to focus first in Super Mario RPG.

How To Get Level Up Bonus in Mario RPG?

Super Mario RPG Bonus Level

You will earn XP after defeating enemies in Super Mario RPG. During each level, there is a Level Bonus that unlocks an additional three stats, a kind of extra boost. They are Physical, HP, and Magic. Level Bonus will increase one of the five stats with some additional points. The question is which one to pick first. Here are all five Mario RPG character stats.

  1. HP – Health Bar.
  2. Attack – Power.
  3. Defense – Resistance.
  4. Magic Attack – Magic Power.
  5. Magic Defense – Magic Resistance.

Stats points are unlocked as you progress from one level to another. You will also unlock Special Attack as you keep on leveling up. The special attack comes with a cost. For example, to use Jump you will need 3 flowers. For Mario focus more on increasing Attack and Magic Attack with some points to HP also. Here is the list of Mario RPG Special Attacks that you can unlock at different Levels.

  • Jump – Unlocks at Level 1.
  • Fire Orb – Unlocks at Level 3.
  • Super Jump – Unlocks at Level 6.
  • Super Flame – Unlocks at Level 10.
  • Ultra Jump – Unlocks at Level 15.
  • Ultra Flame – Unlocks at Level 18.

The list of the above special attacks is for Mario. There are different types of attacks for other characters that will unlock on their respective levels. As you progress more characters will join your party like Mallow, Geno, Bowser, and Peach. They will help you out in clearing tougher levels. Character progression applies to them also, and here is where to focus on their level-up. For Mallow upgrade Health and Attack to get the most out of the character. For Geno get a max of Power and Magic Defense, with some points invested into the HP. For Bowser focus more on Atack and Health and for Peach best is Magic upgrades and Health.

By using up the right combination of upgrade points on different stats you will be able to take down bigger enemies easily. The maximum level cap in Super Mario RPG was 30 before and it looks like the same might get continued in the new remake also. So this was all about how to get a special level bonus in Mario RPG, tips to level up, and upgrade character stats.