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iPhone 15 Skin Color leaks – Will new iPhone come in the Barbie Themed Pink?

Check the latest iPhone 15 skin color leaks and the rumors about the Barbie themed pink iPhone in this guide.

Apple is well known to keep its secrets hidden until the day of release. However, not all things can be kept secret behind closed doors. The latest leak about iPhone 15 skin colors has been released. Moreover, there are rumors about the new Barbie-themed Pink iPhone 15. So, to know more about the skin color leaks of iPhone 15, read this skin leak guide till the end.

Which Colors will iPhone 15 be Released?

iPhone 15 Skin Color Leaks

After the rumors of the iPhone 15 release date, the latest rumors coming out are of iPhone 15 skin colors. As per the leaks by the Apple insider, ShrimpApplePro revealed on Weibo that the latest iPhone 15 might release in 5 colors, out of which 3 are the new colors. These colors are the usual Midnight (Black), and Starlight (White), along with the new Pink, Product Red, and Green.

Will iPhone 15 Get Barbie-Themed Pink?

This iPhone 15 color leak came at the very right time when the film Barbie is releasing. So, many tech fans are speculating that the new iPhone 15 might release in the Barbie-themed Pink color. Additionally, it is speculated that the iPhone 15 colors would be more vibrant as they would be given a brighter finish. So, there are chances that Apple might release Barbie-themed Pink for iPhone 15 in a limited edition. However, the iPhone 15 will release in September. By that time, the hype of Barbie Pink might not be as high as of now. So, we cannot be sure if iPhone 15 will get the Barbie-themed Pink or not.

The same leak confirms that the Sky Blue color which was also an anticipated color option for iPhone 15 has been dropped. However, Apple might likely release another color option for iPhone 15 such as dark blue after 6 months of the release just like it did bring a Yellow color option for iPhone 14 after then 6 months of its release.

Those were all the speculations about the iPhone 15 skin color leaks. Since iPhone 15 will be released with the iOS 17 pre-installed, you should check out our other guides, such as How to Create a Voice that sounds like you on iOS 17, or How Does iOS 17 tracking parameters work?