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Can you fix Water Damaged iPhone?

Here's an ultimate guide on how to fix water damaged iPhone. Find out how to fix Liquid damaged iPhone right now.

Although Apple makes high-quality devices, it is alright to be worried about your iPhone especially when it is water damaged. In addition to water, the smartphone may also come into contact with any type of liquid. This is the time to take the right action to fix your water-damaged iPhone. So, in this tutorial, I will explain the different methods that you can use to fix your water-damaged iPhone.

How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone

how to fix water damaged iphone

Apple has never stated on its official website that its iPhones are waterproof: it is always resistant to splashes and water. The term “waterproof” is literally misunderstood by users as there is no universal standard for waterproofing. This usually means that there is no smartphone, which is waterproof.

However, Apple has improved its waterproofing standards since the launch of the iPhone 7. Users who own iPhone 6s and older devices need to be careful while using their smartphones. They can follow some tips and possible solutions to fix their iPhone once it has been water damaged. Here are some of the tips to repair water-damaged iPhones.

First steps to follow after taking your iPhone out of the water:

If you accidentally drop your iPhone into the water, it will not shut down immediately. It will take some time for the water to penetrate into the phone. Once you take out the device from the water, turn it off immediately. After that, follow some solutions given below to prevent water from damaging your iPhone.

Unplug your iPhone:

In case your iPhone is already connected, unplugging it should be your first step. You have to carefully unplug the waterlogged iPhone, but never charge it, as this will cause short circuits.

Try to remove the case if your iPhone is wrapped inside one and let the phone to dry. Also, try removing the SIM card and battery as well. However, removing the battery will need some skills; try to take a towel and wipe the phone from all sides and corners.

Use Uncooked Rice to Dry Internal Components of iPhone:

This may seem strange, but instead of using any electronic gadgets, here are some old methods you can use. Well, you can also try to use uncooked rice to fix water-damaged iPhones. Note that you should not use the hairdryer or any other equipment as this may permanently damage your iPhone from the inside.

Rice contains natural desiccants that can absorb moisture from your iPhone. There are many users who recommend this trick. You just need to put your wet iPhone in a container of uncooked rice; cover the phone with rice and keep it inside the container for 48 hours.

Unmount your iPhone device:

This trick should be done as a last resort as this can void any warranties of your iPhone. You can use a third-party iPhone repair kit, which contains a screwdriver or similar tools. After that, you can remove the screws available on both sides of a charging port.

After opening your iPhone, you should remove the battery and apply a dry swab or cloth to clean the components. Then, keep your iPhone open for a few hours to let the phone dry completely.

Call Apple Support:

If you have tried all the possible solutions given above and still your water-damaged iPhone is not working, then make an appointment with Apple Support. The support team will further assist you with what needs to be done with your wet iPhone, whether it can be repaired or is completely damaged.

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