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When Will iPhone XR Get iOS 17 Update? OTA Update Date

iPhone 8 and iPhone X to be dropped out from being updated to iOS 17 version. Check the complete list of compatible devices here.

The new iOS 17 has been announced at the WWDC 2023. Bringing in new features to the iPhone, it will be compatible with more than 15 models of iPhone. With all new features of upgraded face time, live voice mails, new iMessage stickers to use anywhere, and customized phone call wallpapers, your phone gets a brand-new look. Along with the look, the latest update gives you more security and privacy while using different apps. Although the public beta will be available in July, people can use the developer beta version immediately. So, check out this guide to know which models will get the new iOS 17.

iOS 17 On iPhone XR – Will It Be Compatible?

iPhone XR gets iOS 17

The new iOS 17 will be supported on more than 15 models of iPhone. It will include the older versions of the phone, like the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, and all the new models. Check out the complete list of models below:

  1. iPhone SE 2020 and 2022
  2. iPhone XS
  3. iPhone XS Max
  4. iPhone XR
  5. iPhone 11 Series
  6. iPhone 12 Series
  7. iPhone 13 Series
  8. iPhone 14 Series

So, your iPhone XR will be getting the new iOS 17 update. Unfortunately, Apple has dropped iPhone 8 and X from the list. Now, let us dig deeper into how is the new update compatible with the old model of the iPhone XR.

Compatibility criteria for iOS 17: One major reason for its compatibility is its powerful A12 Bionic chip that will help support the new features. The 2nd Gen Neural engine is an add-on. The Neural engine supports Augmented Reality with the help of an advanced machine learning system. Older iPhones do not have the required hardware, due to which they are out of the iOS 17 compatibility list.

Updating your iPhone to the new version will enhance your user experience to a new level. The previously used iOS 16 missed out on features that the new update brings. It also brings you the features of live video messages when someone missed your FaceTime call, you can have live stickers on your chat, and much more. These all features will be supported with the new models and the older models if they have the advanced Bionic Chip. Thus your iPhone XR too gets the iOS 17.