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Apple iOS 17: All Major New Features, and More

Check out the list of all the major new features coming to iOS 17, such as creating Live Stickers, using NameDrop and Journal app, and more.

Apple revealed many new features regarding its iOS and macOS operating systems this year during its WWDC event. The firm has finally lifted the veil on its virtual reality headset called Vision Pro. At the same time, like every year, Apple presented its major updates for its operating systems: iOS 17 for the iPhone and macOS Sonoma for the Mac. These updates will be available in public beta in the forthcoming month, and will officially roll out to the general public during this fall. In this article, we will list down all the major new features of Apple iOS 17, so prepare your iPhone right away.

Apple iOS 17 New Features and More

apple ios 17 all major new features

Check out all the major upcoming features of Apple iOS 17 below:

1. Journal app: a new application to keep a diary

Apple will launch an app called Journal that will allow iPhone users to write about their life moments. The app will use onboard machine learning, as well as it can make personalized recommendations to help inspire your writing style. Recommendations are made based on recent activity (photos taken, people visited, places visited, workouts completed, etc.). Apple says the app can be locked down for privacy and end-to-end encryption is enforced.

2. Real-time transcription of voice messages

Good news, here is Live Voicemail. In your Phone app, you will soon be able to read real-time text transcriptions of voicemail messages your contacts leave on your voicemail. You can even answer them live, either by writing a message or by agreeing to take the call.

3. Customizing the contact display

In line with iOS 16, Apple continues to offer a more personalized experience to iPhone users with iOS 17. After the locked screen, contacts can be further customized. You will be able to customize your appearance on the screen, completely renewing the appearance of incoming calls, applying superb treatments to photos and Memoji, and using original typographies and font colors.

4. Create Live Stickers in the Messages app

If you didn’t know it already, it is possible to cut out a subject of a photo with a simple long press on the screen since iOS 16. Now, with iOS 17, you can create Live Stickers thanks to this cutout function for later use in Apple’s Messages app. It is then possible to find your live stickers saved in other iOS apps via the keyboard.

5. Check In: Security feature during our outings

It is another new feature in the Messages app. A very useful feature for those on the go or on the move: When a user launches a Check In session, his/her relatives automatically receive a notification upon his/her arrival. If the progress towards your final destination should ever be interrupted, then one of your previously selected contacts will receive the location of your device, your battery level, and the coverage of the mobile network (temporarily). All of this information is end-to-end encrypted.

6. FaceTime: support for audio and video messages

If you call a contact on FaceTime and they are not available, you can still leave an audio or video message for them to view later. Another novelty is the arrival of Reactions during calls, such as hearts, balloons, fireworks, laser beams, rain, and many other animations. FaceTime is also now compatible with Apple TV.

7. NameDrop: easy sharing of contact details

AirDrop expands its horizons with the arrival of NameDrop. No need to copy the phone number of the person you just met, you can use NameDrop to exchange your contact details by simply bringing your two devices closer. However, it only works from iPhone to iPhone or from an Apple Watch.

That’s all you need to know about all the major new features of Apple iOS 17.