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Easiest Way to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14 (Downgrade via iTunes)

Not happy with iOS 15? Want iOS 14 back? Then here is how to do that.

iOS 15 is the newly launched iPhone OS. There are many new features like Focus Mode, Turn Off Background Noise, and more. But it does not work the same for all. iOS 15 also has common issues and bugs that can be lead to instability in iPhones. This is because it becomes necessary to check iOS 15 compatible iPhones. The link will provide you the official list of iPhones that can run iOS 15 with no or minimum issues. But still, if you are not happy with and want to revert back to iOS 14 then you can do this via iTunes. Do not forget to backup your data before doing this.

How to Downgrade iOS 15 to iOS 14 through iTunes?

iPhone 11 Downgrade to iOS 14

This process will wipe out all your data. So it is necessary to check our guide on iPhone 13 Cloud Backup, before proceeding with the downgrading process. Or else you can just follow the steps below and re-install iOS 14 back in iPhone 13 or on other models.

  1. Turn off Find my iPhone from the Settings.
  2. Download the iOS 14 ipsw file.
  3. Connect iPhone to your PC/Laptop and Launch iTunes.
  4. Click on your device from the left menu. Check below locations.
  5. Click on Restore iPhone and select the ipsw file.
  6. Click on Restore and make sure your iPhone remains connected all the time.

You can also choose options from iTunes which says Backup all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac. This option is available on the same page where you will find Restore backup. Just scroll down to see the same and add a tick on it. The only challenge is to find the right ipsw file which is the entire iPhone operating system. If you cannot find the right one then you might brick your device. So do not proceed unless you have the right ipsw file. For example for the latest OS, you will need the same file. This is for those who are not having an internet connection for downloading the iOS update. They can do this manually by downloading the iOS 15 ipsw file.

Through this manual method, you can always install a lower iOS version to your iPhone device whenever you want. Otherwise, OTA updates are always available, and soon there will be more fixes that will resolve existing iOS 15 bugs.