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What is Android Unknown Tracker Alerts & How It Works?

Learn what is "Unknown Tracker Alerts" on Android and how it works for tracking lost devices such as AirTags.

Google has released a new security feature on Android devices that will automatically detect unknown trackers that are tracking you without your consent. This feature will be activated by default for all users. Last May, Apple and Google announced the development of a standard to combat the use of Bluetooth trackers to track people without their knowledge, and Google promised that Android would be able to detect an unwanted AirTag this summer. It’s now done, as the latest Android update launched this week, valid for Android 6 and later, brings this detection which is activated by default. In this article, you will learn what is Unknown Tracker Alerts and how it works on Android devices.

What is “Unknown Tracker Alerts” on Android?

what is unknown tracker alerts on android how it works

With this new Unknown Tracker Alerts feature brought to you by Google, Android smartphone owners will receive an alert when another user’s AirTag becomes separated from its owner and is spotted traveling with the Android smartphone, while out of Bluetooth range from its original owner. When someone receives a notification about an item tracker traveling with them, they can tap on it to open a map to see the tracker’s travel history. They can then play a sound to help them to find it and the owner of the AirTag will be notified of the detection of their accessory.

How “Unknown Tracker Alerts” on Android Works?

The system deployed on Android generally works like Apple’s: if the smartphone detects that an unknown tracker is following it as it moves, it notifies its owner and then gives them the possibility of ringing the tracker to better locate it and put it out of harm’s way. So far, only Google Pixel smartphones and select Samsung models have received the update and only Apple AirTags are detected by this system which is expected to expand by the end of the year. The feature is available for Android 6.0 and newer devices.

Users can enable or disable alerts, as well as perform a manual scan at any time. Google ensures that location data is encrypted on the device and not shared with Google or other users.

  • To check for the presence of unknown trackers, Android users can go into their phone settings and find the “Unknown Tracker Alerts” option under the security and emergency section.
  • Once activated, the feature will send notifications when an unknown tracker is traveling with the user.
  • Also, it is possible to play a sound to help find the tracker, but this will not notify the owner.
  • Alerts are deleted after 48 hours, and Google provides safety instructions, including taking a screenshot of the map with a travel history and turning off the tracker by removing the battery.

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