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How to Control Android Phone from PC using USB?

Here's a guide that will help you to control Android phone from PC using USB and a third party software called Scrcpy.

There are many people who are looking to control their Android phones from a computer. The users will be glad to know that this can be easily done by using third-party software available on the market. However, the problem is that some of them are paid while the free tools offer limited functionality. Still, there is one program called Scrcpy, which is free and open-source software that can help you to see and control Android smartphones from a PC. In this guide, I am going to show how to control Android phones from PC using USB below.

How to Control Android Phone from a PC using USB (2023)

control android phone from pc using usb

To control your Android phone from a PC using a USB, you can use a third-party tool called Scrcpy, which is open-source software that allows users to view and control an Android smartphone from a computer. Thanks to this software, you will be able to access all the features of your phone from your computer. You can therefore access your contacts, messages, photo gallery, and even launch and use applications.

Scrcpy can be useful in many situations, for example, it can let you take screenshots or record videos of what’s happening on your phone screen from your computer. Developers can also use this software, for example, to test their applications from their PCs.

Steps to use Scrcpy to Control Android Smartphones from a PC using USB

  • First, you need to download Scrcpy from the GitHub platform. To do this, under the “Assets” section, click on the link corresponding to the version of Windows that is installed on your PC (32 or 64 bits).
  • After the download completes, unzip the ZIP archive in the directory of your choice.
  • Next, from your Android smartphone, you need to enable USB debugging. To do this, go to Settings > About Phone > tap Build Number 7 times. This will open a secret Developer Options, which you need to go back to and open the same option and turn on the toggle button for USB debugging.
  • Then connect your Android device to your PC via the USB cable.
  • Now, from your computer, run the Scrcpy software by double-clicking on the Scrcpy.exe file.
  • Then allow USB debugging from your Android device.
  • Finally, you will see your smartphone screen will appear in a window on your PC that you can resize to your liking. From this window, you can use your mouse to interact with the different settings of your Android smartphone.

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