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Viber vs Signal: Comparison and Differences (2023)

This guide has comparison chart between Viber and Signal to know which private chat messenger is the best.

Viber and Signal are emerging messenger apps used by millions of users across the globe. During times when privacy and security are becoming more and more concerning for online communication, using an app that secures your privacy becomes essential. Hence, this comparison guide on Viber vs Signal has analyzed the features of both apps to help you choose the best private chat messenger app for safe communication.

Viber vs Signal: Which is the best private Messenger app (2023)

Viber Vs Signal - Which is the best private chat messenger

In the comparison between Viber vs Signal, we have taken note of the following criteria to point out the differences between the two private chat messenger app:

  • Encryption
  • Privacy
  • Supported Platforms
  • Unique features

1. Encryption

When it comes to security both Viber and Signal provide end-to-end encryption for all messages and calls by default. Hence, we can affirmatively say that both apps provide the best encryption features when it comes to security. However, just message encryption doesn’t secure your private data. Signal uses the Sealed Sender encryption feature to secure even your metadata. On the other hand, Viber doesn’t do much to protect your metadata.

2. Privacy

The Signal messenger app does not collect any metadata or store any backups of your messages. However, Viber on the other hand, collects some metadata, such as your phone number, device ID, etc; but it does not share it with third parties which aren’t preferred by the users who give privacy a priority.

3. Supported Platforms

When platform support is considered, Signal is better as it is currently supported on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux running devices. On the other hand, Viber is supported in Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and old Blackberry or Windows phones, but it does not support on Mac.

4. Unique features

Signal gives free encrypted voice/video local and international calls, and you can add up to 1000 participants in a group chat. Whereas Viber gives free local encrypted voice/video calls. But you will have to subscribe to Viber Out which costs around $5.99 per month for free international voice/video calls. Also, you can only add up to 250 participants in a group chat on Viber. Other than that, Viber provides Public accounts, channels, bots, and more such socializing features that Signal lacks.

Hence, it can be said that Signal is a better private messenger app than Viber because of its top-notch privacy protection features. However, if you can compromise a little on privacy for some socializing features, Viber is not bad either.

With that, the Viber vs Signal comparison guide ends. Also, if you want to read more such comparisons and differences guides, we suggest reading our Google Meet vs Zoom or iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro guides too.