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Google Meet vs Zoom: Comparison and Differences (2023)

Here's a comparison between Google Meet and Zoom to know which is a better virtual calling app.

Since the pandemic, there was a rise in demand for video calling apps like Google Meet and Zoom. These applications or software have their pros and cons, but they helped businesses during the hard times to overcome the communication gaps between organizations. Although some users still might need to know which app is better for video calling. If you are seeking an answer to the same, look no further because this guide has a comparison between Google Meet vs Zoom to know which app is better.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Which is better? (2023)

Google Meet vs Zoom

In the comparison between Google Meet vs Zoom, this guide has considered the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Security
  • Meeting Time
  • Storage
  • Pricing

1. Features

The features of Google Meet for free users are limited, such as recording, and breakout rooms. Also, the participants have been limited to 100 to 300 per meeting, based on the plans. When it comes to integration, Google Meet is only compatible with the applications that are associated with the G-suite. Zoom, on the other hand, provides features like recording, breakout rooms, whiteboard, and more, even for free users. Also, the participants limit on Zoom is up to 1000 participants per meeting for paid users. Additionally, the Zoom software can integrate with 800+ third-party applications. In common, both apps provide features like screen sharing, emojisreactions, and chats for free users.

2. Security

In the past, there were security concerns about the Zoom app, especially during the pandemic. The Zoombombing issue was on highlight throughout the pandemic. Although, the video conferencing app took measures to prevent such attacks. Now Zoom offers optional End-to-End encryption to the users. Google Meet, on the other hand, is reputable in the terms of security and the app provides encryption facilities like Two-step verification, Encryption in Transit, and Encryption at Rest. The Enterprise users are provided with extra protection options like a security dashboard, DLP (Data loss prevention) for Drive, and a security alert center.

3. Meeting Time

If you are wondering how long can a Google Meet last for free users, it can go up to an hour on a group video call and for 24 hours on one-on-one calls. While paid users of Google Meet get up to 24 hours long Meet time limit for any video calling. Zoom, on the other hand, gives only 40 minutes for free users, but for premium users, the call time is extended from 30 hours to an unlimited period based on the plan.

4. Storage

When it comes to storage, Google Meet gives you 15GB of free cloud storage, and if you upgrade your plan, you can get up to 30 GB to an unlimited cloud storage facility. In comparison, Zoom meeting recordings for free users are stored at the local device storage, while for premium users, 1GB of cloud storage is given. For Zoom Enterprise clients, users can use unlimited cloud storage facilities.

5. Pricing

Google Meet plans and pricing can range from free to $18, which are negotiable with the salesperson based on the plan. While Zoom plans and pricing can range from $0 to $19.99, which is quite expensive compared to Google Meet.

In conclusion, if you are focused on a more feature-based platform, you can go for Zoom. If security and storage are your priority and you are using G-suite for businesses application, Google Meet is the video call app, you should go for. If you want to research more on the best video call conferencing app, you should check out our Jitsi vs Zoom comparison guide to know more.