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Jitsi vs Zoom – Comparision of Features, Price & Which Is The Best?

Jitsi is an open-source video conferencing platform. If you are looking for a comparison between Jitsi vs Zoom then read this.

Jitsi and Zoom are two video conferencing app. As Zoom is fairly popular to use it comes with certain limitations. For those who are looking for a free Zoom alternative and similar features then Jitsi can be counted as a reasonable app. You can self-host Jitsi on your desktop and launch a video call, however, all these technicalities are automated in Zoom. You just have to send an invite link and Zoom manages the backend stuff. In this article, we will be talking about Jitsi vs Zoom. Which one is the best video-conferring app? Is Jitsi a good alternative to Zoom?

Jitsi vs Zoom Features Comparision

Jitsi Video-Conferencing App

Below is a small comparison chart for Jitsi vs Zoom. This is a quick comparison of the most important features of both video-conferring apps. As you can see Jitsi is a self-hosted app that means you can install this application on your Desktop and invite people for video-meet. However, this puts a little limitation on the usage. If you are not having a stable internet connection or low-config system then the streaming quality is affected a lot. Zoom however does everything over the cloud. You don’t have to worry about the video quality, invitation links, etc.

Jitsi Zoom
Pricing Free Free Upto 100 Participants
Group Meeting Upto 40Hrs
30Hrs Time limit for 1 to 1 Meeting
Hosting Self + Cloud Cloud Only & Subscriptions Base
Users Max 75 (35 Per Meeting for Best Quality) Free plan Include Up to 100 Participants & 40 Minutes 1 to 1 Call.
Audio Call Yes Yes
Video Conferencing Yes Yes
Scheduling Yes Yes
Recording Local Local + (From 1GB to Unlimited Cloud Recording on Paid Plans)
Video Quality 1280×720 HD, 640×360 SD, and 360×180 720p & 1080p
Connectivity Depends on the Host’s & Free Server’s Connectivity Stable
Video Filters No Yes


Jitsi However also comes with free servers. You can enjoy its cloud benefits, but one common thing reported by many users is the video streaming quality. Those who are looking for a large video meet and do not prefer to go with HD streaming can try out Jitsi Meet. But when it comes to stable connectivity, advanced features, one-on-one calling with minimum installations and setup then Zoom takes overs Jitsi. Both carry ample common features like screen sharing, file sharing, chat, comments, polls, Q & A, etc.

Zoom Meeting

Based on the features, usability, ease of access I will prefer to stick with Zoom. The reason is stable connectivity, simple link-wise invitation, ample of users are already on zoom, etc. Jitsi can be a good alternative to Zoom when it comes to internal conferences. If you are having a bigger team and do not want to put a lot of money on monthly plans. For example, a tutoring institute that provides online lectures. This is where the number of users can be higher and if you are having some technical understanding then you can host Jitsi and add everyone to it. Otherwise for a small to medium team Zoom is still the best video conferencing app.