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Which is Best Smartphone – iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro (2023)

To know which smartphone among iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro is best, this guide will help you.

If you are looking for a quality phone, currently under a $1,000 budget, then iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro are the 2 smartphones that come into our mind first. But choosing between these two would be difficult as the difference between them is not that varied. Hence, to make your work easy and to know which among them is best, this iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 pro comparison guide will help you.

iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro: Which is better? (2023)

iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro

To know which is best among iPhone 14 Pro and Pixel 7 Pro, the following criteria are considered:

  • Design
  • Display
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Camera
  • Battery life

1. Design

Google Pixel 7 Pro has a curved edge design with a glossy finished touch and an aluminum frame that continues as a midframe at back with a camera protrusion called the ‘Visor’, giving it a unique look from other phones. Also, it has ‘Gorilla Glass Victus’ cover glass that makes the phone quite slippery while holding the phone. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro has an all-glass front and a textured matte glass back that covers the surgical-grade stainless steel frame, which lets you have a good grip on your device.

When you see color variations, Pixel 7 Pro comes with three design colors – Obsidian, Hazel, and Snow, while iPhone 14 Pro comes with 4 design colors – Deep Purple, Gold, Silver, and Space Black. Also, both of them come with water-resistant and dust-resistant designs. For design, we can say that iPhone 14 Pro has a slight upper hand over Pixel 7 Pro.

2. Display

The display size of the Pixel 7 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro are almost similar, as iPhone is just 0.6 inches smaller than Pixel 7 Pro. But when it comes to displaying type, Pixel 7 Pro uses LTPO OLED color display and iPhone 14 Pro uses an OLED color screen display. This means Pixel 7 Pro has a dynamic refresh rate compared to iPhone 14 Pro. So, when you consider the display, Pixel 7 Pro is winning.

3. Processor

Pixel 7 Pro works on Google Tensor G2 Chipset with an Octa-core processor, which focuses mostly on AI, and enhances machine learning applications such as Speech, translation, image recognition, and more. On the other hand, iPhone 14 Pro’s A 14 bionic (A 16 chip) focuses on performance, and its engine can perform 11 trillion operations per second. So, both smartphone processors are designed according to their preferences and have pros and cons. Where Google Tensor G2 Chipset isn’t as fast as A 14-bionic chip to carry operation, but it’s much better for a personalized experience.

4. Memory

In the case of memory, the storage for both smartphones has built storage of 128 GB, but when it comes to RAM, Pixel 7 Pro has an advantage as it has 12 GB RAM while iPhone 14 Pro only has 6GB RAM.

5. Camera

Best Camera iPhone 14 Pro vs Pixel 7 Pro
Image Credit: SuperSaf

It is well known that iPhone smartphones have the best smartphone camera. The high-resolution pictures that the iPhone smartphone produces are better than any Android smartphone. But Pixel has improved from its predecessor, Pixel 6, and rarely, you can find any difference in the picture quality other than contrasting. Google Pixel has 50 Megapixel rear camera and a 10.8-Megapixel selfie camera, while iPhone 14 Pro has 48 Megapixel rear camera and 12 Megapixel selfie camera. Also, both smartphone uses OIS(optical images stabilization) technology to produce a stabilized image. Although, Pixel 7 Pro cannot beat iPhone 14 Pro camera under low light settings, as you can see purple flares under low light on the Pixel 7 Pro picture shown in the above image, whereas iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t have such glitches.

6. Battery Life

Although Pixel 7 Pro has a 5000 mAh battery and the iPhone 14 Pro has only a 3200 mAh battery, the battery efficiency of the iPhone 14 Pro is much better than that of the Pixel 7 Pro. This is due to two reasons. The efficiency core of the Apple 14 Pro helps in managing the battery life, while the Tensor G2 Chipset of the Pixel 7 Pro consumes a lot of energy while performing operations.

In conclusion, if you want a smartphone with features that gives you a smooth experience, for gaming and video streaming, you should go for Pixel 7 Pro better. But if you want a smartphone that has better battery life with almost DSLR-like images even at low light settings, iPhone 14 Pro is the smartphone made for you.

That’s all you need to know about Pixel 7 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro. Also, check out our other comparison guides, such as iOS 15 vs Android 12 best features comparison.