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What is Google Bard and How to use it?

To know more about Google Bard and how to use it, this guide will help you.

Since, the launch of ChatGPT an AI chatbot in November 2022, there has been a rise in popularity among AI. Especially generative AI like ChatSonic, Jasper AI, and more have tried their best to be an alternative to ChatGPT. One such alternative that has the potential to outrun ChatGPT is Google Bard. You might have heard a lot about it recently, and you might wonder what is it and how to use Google Bard. All such questions related to Bard are answered in this guide.

Google Bard: What is it and How to use it?


Bard is the response by Google for the OpenAI’s ChatGPT, but it’s a lot more than an AI chatbot. Bard can give you more accurate responses in a natural conversational manner. Previously Bard was powered by the LaMDA language model, which was a lot weaker. However, Google worked on its large language model (LLM) and launched PaLM 2 in its Google I/O event. With PaLM 2, Bard became more powerful than before. Now you can do coding, interact in more than 26 languages, ask queries, and more. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what Bard can do. Being still in the experimental phase some features are yet to be unlocked. However, you can still use Bard to generate codes, write articles or explain a concept, by following these steps:

  • Open the Google Bard on your Chrome web browser.
  • Then, sign in using your Google account.
  • Now type in your query in the text field and click the send button.
  • The Bard will give you an appropriate response in minutes.
  • You can click the view other drafts button to see alternate responses if you didn’t like the current response.
  • Also, you can tap and hold the microphone button and ask your query directly.
  • Bard will interpret your voice and respond to it via text.
  • Even though voice inputs work in Bard, it might not generate as accurate response as in text-based queries. Hence, we recommend using voice-based queries as much as possible.


The public Beta version of Bard has the following features:

  • Can help in writing essays, mail, and code.
  • It can accept voice inputs.
  • Also, it can surf the internet and give you more relevant results than ChatGPT.

Apart from this, when Bard will be launched fully after the Beta testing following features are expected to be released along with it:

  • Text-to-image generation
  • Voice-to-image generation
  • Image recognition and interpretation.

That’s everything covered about what Google Bard is and How to use it. Also, check out our other guides, such as Google Bard vs Bing AI or Google Bard vs ChatGPT.