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Bing AI vs Google Bard – Which Search Engine Generative AI is the Best?

This Bing AI vs Google Bard comparison guide has compared the feature of both AI chatbots to know which is the best.

Since the launch of ChatGPT, there have been many generative AIs that’s been introduced every day. Seeing AI as an opportunity Microsoft introduced Bing AI which was developed with the help of Open AI’s ChatGPT. Soon enough Google caught up the race with the launch of Google Bard. However, the language model LaMDA is what restricted Good Bard from being a competitive generative AI. Coming to the present Google Bard is in the experimental phase with an improvised version of its previous self. So, to know which AI is the best this Bing AI vs Google Bard guide will help you.

Bing AI vs Google Bard: Which is the Best?

Bing AI vs Google Bard

When seen on the surface level Bing AI is the search engine that is copiloted by AI. That’s how Microsoft shows itself. Wherein Google Bard at present shows itself as a generative AI. But when seen at the deep layers both are generative AIs with one having some advantages or disadvantages over others. So, to know which is the best, here’s the features comparison:

1. Language Model

Bing AI uses GPT-4 language model wherein Google Bard currently uses PaLM 2. PaLM 2 is a state-of-the-art language model that features the enhanced capability of multilingualism, reasoning, and coding. Whereas GPT-4 has enhanced creativity and was developed to have image recognition capability. However, with PaLM 2 even Bard has the image recognition capability.

2. App Integration

It is expected that Google Bard will be used in G-suite apps. Moreover, with Android 14, Bard will be available on all Android smartphones which wouldn’t require any additional installation. On the other hand, Bing AI is currently only available in Skype and Microsoft Edge for composing. It is affirmative that Microsoft is trying to integrate Bing AI with its Office 365 suite but for now, Bing AI is not as flexible as Google Bard we can say.

3. Composing

When it comes to Composing if you have ever used Microsoft Edge, you will already know how creatively and precisely you can use Bing AI from the left sidebar. You can compose emails, blogs, essays, poems, and scripts, get ideas for creating content, and more. The Google Bard can compose mail, or essay for you using the ‘Help me write’ feature on Gmail and Google Docs respectively. The major difference is Google Bard provides prompts as suggestions for composing whereas in Bing AI spoon feeds you the whole content. Additionally, one important thing to address when it comes to composing is Google Bard can compose more draft responses when you use it in the app wherein Microsoft Bing can only one draft on the prompt at a time. Also, Google Bard can generate codes in more than 20 different coding languages that Bing AI lacks.

4. Search Engine

Microsoft is more of a search engine than that of an AI chatbot whereas when you use Google Bard you won’t feel like you are talking to a machine. It is perfectly designed to be a great chatbot. So, if you want AI to enhance your search experience Bing AI is the best. But if you want responses in a human-like manner Google Bard is the best suitable for you.

In short Google Bard has the potential to be a chatbot that can also be a search engine. But for now, if you want a more enhanced search engine AI Microsoft’s Bing AI is for you. However, if you want to generate more human-like responses from search engines there’s nothing better than Google Bard.

With that, this Bing AI vs Google Bard guide ends. Also, check out our other guides, such as ChatGPT vs Google Bard or Can Google Bard generate images?