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How to Use an Apple Watch with Android phone?

Here's a guide to use an Apple Watch LTE with an Android phone by making sure that the SIM card is activated and used in the Android device.

The Apple ecosystem includes many devices, and they all work well with each other. But what happens outside? Many people want to know if Apple Watch is compatible with another operating system like Android. Well, there is no doubt that the Apple Watch is a brilliant companion to the iPhone. But what if you have a Samsung phone, a Realme, or a OnePlus smartphone and want to use the Apple smartwatch on the same devices? In this guide, we will tell you whether an Apple Watch can be used with an Android phone or not.

Can an Apple Watch be used with an Android phone?

use an apple watch with android phone

The direct answer is you cannot pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone. It will only work with a phone of the same brand, and for now, it seems that there are no plans for this to change. And probably never will.

Without an iPhone, you will not be able to activate an Apple Watch, so it is a must-have device to control the smartwatch with the Watch app pre-installed in it. There is no way to do this on Android devices, even if there is support for Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you will need at least one phone from the brand to start the startup. You can configure it as personal, or include it within the family function.

Nonetheless, even if it cannot be paired with a phone from another brand, you can use all three devices simultaneously: iPhone, Android phone, and Apple Watch. This trio is compatible since you can record your daily activity with the watch on your wrist while leaving the iPhone at home. Of course, you will not receive any notification.

In addition, if you own an Apple Watch LTE model, it is also possible to use some standalone apps for the smartwatch. But the problem is that the battery of the Apple Watch will be affected. In this way, you can receive notifications on your wrist, with the iPhone at home.

How to Use Apple Watch LTE with an Android Phone

As we have mentioned above, you cannot pair an Apple Watch with an Android phone. But you can use it simultaneously with the relevant limitations. You must use a variant of Apple Watch with LTE connectivity, it is the only way to have certain functions beyond physical activity with an Android phone.

  • First of all, connect your Apple Watch with LTE to your iPhone.
  • You will need to make a call from your iPhone to verify that the SIM card is activated.
  • After that, turn on Airplane mode on iPhone.
  • Verify that Apple Watch is not connected to a network, but if it is then switch off the smartwatch.
  • Now, take out the SIM card from the iPhone and insert it in your Android phone.
  • Finally, switch on the Apple Watch. This will allow you to receive calls on both Android and iPhone devices.

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