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How to Turn TikTok Sounds into iPhone Ringtone

Here's a guide to turn TikTok sounds into iPhone ringtone by using free apps called Ringtones Maker and GarageBand.

If you want to make your iPhone ring with your favorite TikTok sounds, know that you can do it without paying even a single penny. The idea comes from the fact that the Chinese video-sharing platform, born in 2016, has lately become an increasingly popular place for artists and musicians. So if you have been dreaming of turning that particular trendy music into a notification sound for messages, or the latest song by your favorite artist into an iPhone ringtone, well, it can be done. Check out this article on how to turn TikTok sounds into iPhone ringtone below.

How to Turn TikTok Sounds into iPhone Ringtone (2023)

turn TikTok sounds into iPhone ringtone

Follow the steps below to turn TikTok sounds into iPhone Ringtone:

First, from the TikTok app, select the video from which you want to extract the audio to use as a notification sound and download it locally to your device: once found, long press your finger on it and click on the Save Video button.
Now download the Ringtones Maker app from the App Store, it’s free and after using it, if you wish, you can uninstall it because you won’t need it anymore. The app, we specify, can only be installed starting from iOS 11 and later versions and occupies approximately 35 MB.
Once you launch the Ringtone Maker app, click on the “+” button then select the previously downloaded video and click on Create.
Now it’s GarageBand’s turn: if you don’t have it on your iPhone, download it from here bearing in mind that you need iOS 16 and later versions and it takes up around 1.7 GB. The app is free and when it’s no longer useful you can uninstall it.
After downloading it, do not open it, instead go back to Ringtones Maker and click on Share, then select GarageBand as the destination. The app will open along with a screen where you have to click on the Ringtone option.
Give it the name you prefer and click on Export. Then the app will ask you if you want to assign it to your ringtone. Click on Standard ringtone and wait for the process to complete.
Now you can go to the Settings app on your iPhone, and within the Sounds and Haptics tab, check if the sound or music is playing fine. You can then select the same sound or music and set it as a Ringtone in this way.

That’s everything there is to know about how to turn TikTok sounds into iPhone Ringtone. For more TikTok Tips and Tricks, do check out our other guides only on our website TechNClub.com here: How to Unlock Secret Emojis in TikTok, and How to Enable TikTok Dark Mode on Android and iPhone.