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How to Unlock Secret Emojis in TikTok?

Here's the complete list of 46 emoticons and emojis of TikTok, and in this guide you will learn how to use them.

It’s hard to imagine social media without emojis. On TikTok, it is not different although any user can use the standard emojis of iOS or Android keyboards, the social network of short videos also has its own emoticons and emojis. To use TikTok emojis, you need to write a code in the text of the message or comment. They only work in the app, but not on the web version. In this guide, you will learn how to unlock secret emojis in TikTok below.

TikTok: How to Unlock Secret Emojis (2023)

unlock secret emojis in tiktok

TikTok allows 46 emojis to be used through specific codes, making it possible to customize the interaction in the posts. To use the codes, you need to put the keyword in square brackets in the comment of a post, which will give you access to the “secret” TikTok emojis.

How to Use TikTok Emojis

When entering the TikTok comments of a video or sending a message to a friend, all you need to do is just write the code for the emojis inside two square brackets. Here are the steps:

  • Open the TikTok Emoji list.
  • Then copy and paste any emoji shortcode in a TikTok video comment or caption, for example [happy] or [cry].
  • Finally, the shortcode will turn into a custom emoji.

Check out the complete list of 46 custom emoji shortcodes below:

  1. [angry]
  2. [complacent]
  3. [cry]
  4. [drool]
  5. [embarrassed]
  6. [facewithrollingeyes]
  7. [flushed]
  8. [funnyface]
  9. [greedy]
  10. [happy]
  11. [laughwithtears]
  12. [lovely]
  13. [scream]
  14. [shout]
  15. [smile]
  16. [speechless]
  17. [sulk]
  18. [surprised]
  19. [thinking]
  20. [weep]
  21. [wicked]
  22. [wronged]
  23. [yummy]
  24. [angel]
  25. [astonish]
  26. [awkward]
  27. [blink]
  28. [cool]
  29. [cute]
  30. [disdain]
  31. [excited]
  32. [evil]
  33. [hehe]
  34. [joyful]
  35. [laugh]
  36. [loveface]
  37. [nap]
  38. [pride]
  39. [proud]
  40. [rage]
  41. [shock]
  42. [slap]
  43. [smileface]
  44. [stun]
  45. [tears]
  46. [wow]

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