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10 iPhone Home Screen Layout Ideas For iOS 14

Get the best layout for your iOS 14 devices with the help of this guide.

Layouts are something that soothes the eyes when you are on your device. iPhone has very basic layouts included in the device, but what if we want something different from the basic? Here, in this guide, we have discussed 10 different customized layouts that you can use on your iOS 14 devices. You can edit the apps, change the color, set a new wallpaper, and a lot more to have a customizable layout. Let us look at some Home Screen layout ideas for iOS 14 iPhone devices.

Best Home Screen Layout Ideas for iOS 14

iOS 14 Home Screen

There are different ways in which you can style your Home Screen and apply different layouts to your device. Here are the 10 best iOS 14 Home Screen Layout Ideas that you can apply and use to give your device a new look. Also, you can customize them by adding the background and wallpaper according to you.

Minimalist Layout

The minimalist look comes with no or only some basic Apps on your Home Screen. You can remove the apps that are not important from the Home Screen. This type of layout gives your device a more looking into your wallpaper look. The apps will be moved to the App Folder and you can access them from the search button. It gives you a clean and clear look.

Monochromatic/Grayscale Layout

The eye-soothing layout where the colors turn to black and white, or in grayscale colors. The color of your iPhone apps can be changed to grayscale in the settings menu. The apps and the background can be set in grayscale color to have a monochromatic look for the theme.

Widget on Home Screen Layout

The Home Screen of your iOS can look more organized and classy look with only widgets on the screen. Remove all the apps from the Home Screen and then add the widgets that you want. You can add the Clock, calendar, or any other important widget to the Home Screen. This will make the Home Screen look more clear and organized.

In the Alphabetical Order

Arranging the apps that you require on the Home Screen in alphabetical order will give you easy access to the apps. This can be done by manually arranging the apps in the order and then you can access them easily. This will make the Home Screen look organized.

One-Handed Theme

This theme is for those who do not want to use both their hands or have large screen displays. You can move your apps to one side of the screen, either right or left, and then access them easily without even stretching your thumb.

Gamers Layout

If you are a hard-core gamer, this layout is for you. You can set up the apps and background according to the games you love and play. The players from the games can be used as the app backgrounds and customize them accordingly. A particular game theme can be used to set up the layout too. Also, you can make the Home Screen full of games that you have on your device and place them only on the Home Screen. Move all the other apps to the App folder.

Colorful Layout

The colorful layout also known as the color-coded layout allows to have different colors for different kinds of apps. Depending on the use of the app you can set a color and then easily use the one that you require at a particular moment. Set the green for social media apps, blue for banking, and maybe yellow for the writing apps. You can choose any color for any kind of app depending on your requirement and make your home screen look more colorful.

Weather Dependent -Rainy, Summer, or Winter

Set the theme of your Home Screen according to the weather around you. You can change the color and look of your apps depending on if it s rainy, summer, or winter outside. Change the wallpaper for your Home Screen depending on the same and there you have the weather layout on your iOS 14.

Funky Layout

The funky layout for your iPhone can be made by having a bold and dashing wallpaper for the device. Then, you can customize the apps according to the wallpaper and contrast it with the theme. This will create a funky look on the iPhone Home Screen.

Aesthetic Layout

The aesthetic layout is for those who want to make their home screen look prettier. You can customize this layout in many different ways. Also, you can have a series of art you like, the flower or petals theme, set the apps according to your favorite artist, or anything you like. You can also have different themes merged into one layout according to what you like.

These were the ten best layouts that you can try for your iOS 14 devices and make your iPhone Home screen look prettier and classy. Also, you can have any other theme or layout that you want to have on your Home Screen according to what you like. To know more about iOS 14 Home Screen you can read these guides – Change Background on iOS 14 or Turn Off SOS on iPhone 14.