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How To Turn Off Apple Watch?

You can turn off or restart your Apple Watch instantly if there is some issue in using it. Here is how to do that.

Apple Watch Series 7 has a dedicated key to turn off and reboot. It is located below the knob and lets you restart the watch if there is some issue. Sometimes due to new updates, or due to software bugs, Apple Watch can throw errors. Like unable to zoom out, or stuck on a charging screen, a force reboot can do the job. Also if you are planning to store it for some time then here is how to manually turn off Apple Watch.

Steps To Turn Off Apple Watch

Apple Watch Power Button

Press hold and the key below the know for some time. The steps are for the Apple Watch Series 7. You will see a new menu showing Power Off or Emergency SOS. Slide the Power Off to the right to turn the watch off. To turn it on back press the same key again for a few seconds and you will see the Apple boot logo.

In case you are unable to see this screen then you can force restart Apple Watch. For this Press and hold the Side Button + Digital Crown for 10 seconds. Stop when you see Apple Logo. Do not force restart if you see an active progress wheel on the screen. Also, avoid force restart when the watch is updating something. This can brick the device and to fix you will have to take it to Apple Care.

You can try our guide on How To fix Apple Watch stuck on Apple Logo? to find some clues on fixing in case the device is bricked for some reason. For example, Apple Watch is stuck on verifying Updates. A common update bug that happens and sometimes resolves on its own. But if the same goes forever and your watch is not turning on then refer to this link for fixing Apple Watch Update Errors.

If you are giving the watch to someone else then make sure to reset it completely. This can be done via iPhone or through the Watch settings. Apple Watch Reset feature will wipe out all the data from the device, its settings, and any active mobile data plans. If your watch has a passcode and you still want to reset it then try this guide – Rest Apple Watch without Passcode.