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How Does AirTags Work?

Here's a guide that explains in detail how an AirTag works and how to use it on daily basis to never lose track of your personal belongings again.

The developers from Apple have developed an electronic gadget called the AirTag, which is an extremely practical accessory for finding traces of any misplaced personal items, such as a bicycle, an apartment key, a handbag, a wallet, a remote control, or any other item in the daily use. The latter can even be used to spy on people. In this article, we will show you how does AirTags work and how to use this accessory to never lose track of your personal belongings again.

How an AirTag Works (2023)

how does AirTags work

An AirTag sends a Bluetooth signal to reveal its exact position to all devices compatible with Apple technology. All devices near the AirTag work together to intercept the signal and transmit it securely to servers in the iCloud network. To find the trace of a lost or misplaced object, there is then nothing simpler. Simply consult Apple’s location application, Find My app, to identify the last known position of your AirTag.

The Find My app is compatible with all recent Apple devices (from iPhone 11 to the latest versions). It includes a whole host of practical features, such as the possibility of remotely activating the AirTag’s built-in ringer, a system for finding lost objects with notifications as soon as your object has been found, and even a system for calculating the distance (in meters) separating you from your object with the direction to take to find it.

How to use an AirTag?

An AirTag simply works with a CR2032 battery. You will therefore need to plan for regular replacement of the battery, as it has a limited lifespan of only one year.

To install an AirTag, simply remove the CR2032 battery from the AirTag, then bring your iPhone closer to set it up. Then open the Location application and in the interface, click on “Connect”. Then enter the custom name of your AirTag (for example: “Apartment keys”), then select an Emoji. Then save the object using your Apple ID.

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