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Where to put AirTag in Luggage? – Best Place to Keep AirTag

Here are some tips on where not to place AirTags, so that you can easily connect and locate your luggage. Also check whether its legal to use Air Tag or not.

AirTag is a pretty useful device to track your luggage and personal belongings. When you are planning to travel a long distance and using airways as a means of transport, there are high chances of losing your luggage. For that reason, you might be keen to use Apple AirTag on your luggage. But the only problem is where to keep it in your luggage and the answer for the same is in this guide.

AirTag: Where To Put it in Luggage?

AirTag: Where to put it in a Luggage

Since AirTag doesn’t have any built-in attachments to support hanging as a keychain, many users might prefer putting it inside their luggage. However, you must keep these points in mind before selecting a location:

  • Choose a location that is not easily accessible by others. You don’t want someone to tamper with or remove your AirTag without your knowledge. So, avoid putting it in external pockets or compartments that someone can easily open.
  • AirTag uses Bluetooth and Ultra Wideband technology to communicate with nearby devices, so you want to avoid placing it in a metal or thick material that might interfere with the signal.
  • Choose a location that is close to the handle or the tag of your luggage. This way, you can easily find your AirTag by playing a sound on it or using Precision Finding on your iPhone.
  • Also, you can attach your AirTag to a key ring and hook it to your luggage. But make sure it isn’t too conspicuous
    as it might get stolen.
  • Based on this, if you want to put your AirTag inside the luggage you can keep it inside your luggage compartment for easy tracking. If you want to keep it outside your luggage hook it with a key ring, but it can be risky as it might get stolen easily.

Is it legal to put AirTag in the luggage?

Although using AirTag is not legal, some airlines such as, Lufthansa banned the use of Apple AirTag back in October 2022. According to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), you can use a tracking device that contains 0.3 gms or less of lithium metal in the checked baggage and AirTag contains only 0.1 gms of Lithium metal. So, you can carry Apple AirTag with your checked luggage. However, various airlines have their own security rules, and they might not allow you to carry the AirTag. So, you should check with the airline you are traveling to know their rules and restrictions before using AirTag.

That’s everything covered on where to put AirTag in luggage. Also, check out our other guides, such as How to see AirTag on iPhone or How to find the lost AirTag in the house.