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How To Fix WhatsApp Notification Not Showing On Apple Watch?

Unable to see new messages from WhatsApp on Apple Watch, then here is the fix.

Apple Watch when paired with iPhone will become your portable secondary display for messages and emails. You can operate the read message, reply, and also make calls using the watch. Usually after pairing everything goes well, Apple Watch is designed to work with iPhone with no bugs at all. But sometimes the watch fails to display new message notifications. This issue is linked to WhatsApp. So if you are among those users who are not able to see new WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch then here are some fixes.

WhatsApp Notifications Not Showing on Apple Watch

Apple Watch WhatsApp

The issue with WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch is due to wrist detection. It is a feature where Apple Watch will lock itself automatically if you are not wearing it. Turning wrist detection off will fix WhatsApp notifications not showing on Apple Watch.

Method 1: Turn of Wrist Detection

  1. Tap on Settings on Apple Watch.
  2. Go to the Passcode section.
  3. Turn of Wrist Detection.

Now just reboot your Apple Watch, and check again. You will be able to see and reply to WhatsApp messages on Apple Watch after this. Also here is a list of things that will not work if you turn off the Wrist Detection feature.

  1. You will have to enter your Passcode to use Apple Pay.
  2. Heart Rate Tracking & Notification will not work.
  3. Automatic Lock & Unlock will not work.
  4. Some Activity Measurements will not work.

You will have to manually lock the Apple watch if you are not using it. For this Touch and hold from the bottom of the screen and then swipe up to open the Control Center. Tap on the Lock icon. Next time to unlock the screen you will have to enter the passcode.

Important Update: Apple Watch will reset itself if you enter the wrong passcodes more than 10 times.

Method 2: Enable WhatsApp Notification from iPhone Settings

  1. On your, iPhone go to Settings
  2. Tap on Notifications or if you cannot find this look for WhatsApp.
  3. Look for Notification > Allow Notification.
  4. Under Alert enable Notification for Lock Screen.

Now just check on your Apple Watch once again. Follow the second method if you want to use wrist detection. Once the notification settings are properly applied from the iPhone the watch will start giving you pop-ups for new messages. If this still does not work then you will have re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone and re-apply the settings once again.