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How To Fix Netflix Error “Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes”?

Get back to your streaming by fixing the "Sorry you've used all your temporary codes" error using these five simple solutions.

Many Netflix users have complained about their account showing a “Sorry you’ve used all your temporary codes” error while traveling. But, none knows how to fix this error. If you have faced a similar error and finding a solution, you are at the right place. Here we have explained five simple solutions that you can try to fix the Netflix error “Sorry you’ve used all your temporary codes”.

Five Ways To Fix Netflix Error “Sorry You’ve Used All Your Temporary Codes”

Fix Netflix

While traveling everyone enjoys streaming their favorite movie, especially on a long drive. But, sometimes Netflix stops working and gives you an error pop-up. If you have also received a pop-up saying “Sorry you’ve used all your temporary codes” stopping you from further streaming, try these five simple ways to your account. Then check if your Netflix account has been recovered from the error or not. Read further to know more about these ways.

Use Apple TV Instead To Stream Netflix

Apple TV

While you are traveling with a Netflix Household account, this error could occur. But, while you stream using any other TV, this can simply be fixed if you switch to Apple TV. While other TVs might show this Netflix Error, Apple TV will allow you to use your Netflix streaming. If you do not have access to an Apple TV, you can try other solutions mentioned below.

Try Streaming From A Mobile Device

Mobile Device

While traveling, your TV, PC, or tablet might create errors in using the Netflix Household account, as the TV is not your Household device. So, to fix the error, you can try streaming using a Mobile Device instead. You can use the same account credentials and try logging in using your Mobile device. Also, this will allow you to access the shows of your choice from Netflix.

Pay An Extra Amount To Add User To Your Netflix Account

Many users would not prefer this way, but if you are unable to use your Netflix account while traveling, you can pay an extra amount and add another user to the plan. This can be added every month and the amount will get added to the existing plan. The amount to be paid to add a new user is approximately $8. This will then send the link to the new user. Then they can use the login credentials to access the Netflix account.

Do Not Share Your Account To Multiple Users

If the plan that you have bought supports only one user, do not share it with many users. This will lead to inaccessibility to the other user or it might log out from your device and give access to the other user. Try not to share your account with multiple users to avoid such errors.

Wait For The Month To Complete

If none of the above ways work, you can wait for the 30 days to end. This is so because, after every monthly renewal, two temporary codes are provided for users to use Netflix Household while traveling. However, this solution would not work if you want to use Netflix while you are on the go.

These are the five simple solutions that you can try to fix the Netflix error. If these fixes do not work and you still get the pop-up of “Sorry you’ve used all your temporary codes”, try creating a new account. Now, if you want to know more about Netflix and its fixes, refer to these guides – Fix Netflix Error Too Many People Using Your Account or Delete Your Netflix History.