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How to Delete your Netflix History

Want to Delete your Netflix history? Check out our guide to know how you can do it by going to Profile and Parental Control section.

Deleting your Netflix history can be a smart move if your account has multiple users. There may be various reasons for clearing Netflix’s history. You want to hide content from parents or kids, have watched a movie that you thought would be good but turned out to be embarrassing, and multiple users using your Netflix account has resulted in unnecessary movie recommendations or other personal reasons. Are you unable to find your Netflix history? Don’t worry, check out our guide to delete your Netflix history.

Steps to Delete Your Netflix History

Steps to Delete your Netflix History

The steps to delete your Netflix history are pretty easy. However, to wipe out your history you will have login into your Netflix account in the browser you prefer as the process won’t work on the Netflix app. The process to clear your Netflix history is similar on your Android phone and computer.

How to Delete Your Netflix History on Android

  • Open Netflix on the browser.
  • Tap on the three-line icon at the top left corner of your screen.
  • Then select Account.
  • Scroll down to Profile and Parental Controls section.
  • Tap on the View option situated next to the Viewing activity.
  • The entire Watch history will appear on your screen.

Now, there are two ways to delete your activities:

1. Directly clear all your history.

Scroll down and select the Hide All option. Then confirm the selection by tapping on the “Yes, hide all my viewing activity” pop-up.

2. Individually select and delete your activities.

To individually select and delete your activities, tap on the ‘stop’ icon situated at the right of ‘Report a problem’.

How to Delete Netflix History on a Computer

  • Login to your profile on the Netflix website.
  • Click on the dropdown button next to your profile and select Account.
  • Select the Viewing activity under the My Profile section.
  • All your Viewing activities will be shown.
  • To delete movies or shows one by one click on the stop icon next to Report a problem.
  • To directly delete all activities, click on Hide All.

The history of your movies and shows will be deleted from your Netflix account after 24 hours.

That’s everything you need to know on how to delete your Netflix history. If you found this guide helpful then check out our guide on How to Manually Set Viewing Restrictions on Netflix.