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How to fix a Cracked Apple Watch (2023)

This guide will help you fix your Apple Watch cracked screen.

Apple Watch is prone to damage due to open exposure of the device. You might get a scratch on your Apple Watch due to day-to-day activities. However, there are some minor fixes for the scratches, and the costlier watches are scratch-proof. But this doesn’t guarantee the safety of your device, as the Apple Watch can get damaged if fallen from great heights. If your Apple Watch got a cracked screen, this guide will help you to fix it.

Fix: Cracked Apple Watch Screen (2023)

Fix cracked Apple Watch

Here are some methods you need to perform to fix the cracked Apple Watch screen:

1. Assess the Cracked Apple Watch Screen

The first thing to do is to assess the screen to see how severe the damage is. Do not touch the screen with your bare hands, because the shattered glass can easily cut your screen. If you see any broken screen, put it in a plastic bag after carefully removing the smartwatch from the wrist. Also, you need to carefully observe the Apple Watch screen to know if you have mistaken the scratches for the cracked screen. If there are scratches instead of cracks, use a screen cleaner to wipe out the dirt and any scratch from your screen. If you feel it’s a crack, proceed to the next step.

2. Seek help from the Apple Service center

Note that the Apple Watch warranty does not include accidental screen damage. However, if you have subscribed to AppleCare+, you can get your watch fixed for as cheap as $69$79 as per the model. If you are not an AppleCare+ subscriber, you might need to pay around $299, and if you have Ceramic or Titanium Apple Watch models, you will need to pay $800 for the screen replacement. This is because repairing an Apple Watch screen is more difficult than repairing an iPhone or iPad screen.


There are many videos around the internet talking about cleaning their Apple Watch with toothpaste or soap water to fix the screen. Such things won’t fix your device, in fact, they can increase the damage to your device. Also, make sure to have a backup of your Apple Watch before giving it to servicing to avoid any data loss.

That’s everything you need to know to fix a cracked Apple Watch. Also, check out our other guides, such as What is the cost of Apple Watch screen replacement, or How to charge iPhone properly.