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What are the new Apple Watch Activity Challenge for June 2023

This guide has all the details about the Apple Watch standard and the limited activity challenge for the June 2023.

Apple Watch Activity challenges are a fun way to stay fit. If you have subscribed to Apple Fitness + you would have noticed that, every time you complete an activity challenge you are rewarded with a badge as an achievement that you can collect. You can see these unlocked badges in the My Watch app of your iPhone or iPad. So, to know what new activity challenge has Apple brought for June 2023, check out this guide.

Apple Watch Activity Challenge for June 2023

Activity Challenge occurs in two categories, i.e., Standard activity challenge or limited activity challenge. The Standard Activity challenge varies according to your fitness goal and stays for the whole year. While the limited activity challenge only exists for a limited time. So, here’s the list of all current standard day and limited day challenges for June 2023:

1. Standard Activity Challenges

Apple Watch Activity Challenge

Here’s the list of a few most common activity challenges to cover for June 2023:

  • Burn 2,023 calories for at least 23 days.
  • Walk 5 km per day for at least 14 days in a month.
  • Close all three rings 22 times.
  • Exercise for 60 minutes for 14 days.
  • Practice meditation for at least 15 days.

Note that these standard challenges may vary from person to person and not all the users might get the same standard activity challenge because these challenges are given based on your fitness and health goals.

2. Limited Activity Challenge

Apple Watch Limited Activity challenge

The limited activity challenge for June 2023 is the Yoga Day Challenge which will be a one-day challenge and will occur on June 21. During this challenge, you will need to do a Yoga workout for 20 minutes and record the time in the Health app. Here’s how you can complete the Yoga Day challenge:

  • Wear the Apple Watch on your wrist and open the Workout app.
  • Turn the Digital Crown and select Yoga as your workout.
  • Finally, tap the ‘Workout’ button to get started.

Expired Limited Activity Challenge


  • Ring in the New Year – close all three rings for 7 days in a row


  • Lunar New Year – Perform any workout for 20 minutes between January 22 and February 5
  • Heart Month – Complete a 30-minute workout on February 14
  • Unity – Close your Move ring for seven days in a row


  • International Women’s Day – Do any workout for at least 20 minutes on March 8


  • Earth Day – Complete a workout of at least 30 minutes on April 22
  • International Dance Day – Record a Dance workout of at least 20 minutes on April 29


  • No Challenges Announced.

That’s everything you need to know about the Apple Watch Activity Challenge for June 2023. Also, you can check out our other Apple Watch fitness guides like tracking steps on Apple Watch or Monitor stress on Apple Watch.