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Apple HomePod vs Apple HomePod 2: Comparison & Differences

This guide has all the points covered for comparing Apple HomePod and Apple HomePod 2.

HomePods are smart speakers of Apple and are designed to blend with Apple’s ecosystem. The succeeding generation 2 has some newly added features compared to the flagship generation, which was released in 2018. It’s been 4 years of waiting for the users but is it worth buying? Is HomePod 2 better than its predecessor? Shall you go with Apple HomePod instead? If you have these questions jumbling in your mind, here are some key differences between Apple HomePod and Apple HomePod 2.

Apple HomePod vs Apple HomePod 2 comparison: Which is better? (2023)

Apple Homepod vs Apple Homepod 2

In the battle of Apple HomePod vs Apple HomePod 2, we have considered 3 points, they are:

  • Design
  • Price
  • Features

1. Design

There’s not much difference between the design of HomePod and HomePod 2. Although, HomePod 2 comes in two colors, White and Midnight. Compared to the predecessor’s space grey color, Midnight is a darker shade. On size comparison, HomePod is 6.8 inches tall, while HomePod 2 is 6.6 inches tall. Hence, comparing designs won’t give many differences as they both look more or less the same.

2. Price

Surprisingly, HomePod 2 is comparatively cheaper, as it costs $299, whereas the previous generation costs $349. This is very rare pricing for Apple products as the new generation devices cost higher for Apple.

3. Features

As mentioned earlier, HomePod 2 has added many new features that the previous HomePod lacks. Starting with the new ‘S7’ chipset, which is also used in Apple Watch Series 7. It also has a 4-inch high-excursion woofer and has pairing capability with Apple TV 4K. HomePod 2 also brings some old features like stereo configuration, multiroom audio, and spatial audio. The HomePod 2 reduced some features like 5-array horn-loaded tweeters, and 4 microphones to produce detailed, articulate audio with stunning clarity and clear bass. The previous generation had 7-array horn-loaded tweeters, and 6 microphones for comparison.

In conclusion, Apple HomePod 2 is better when compared to price and features. But as there were critics and mixed reviews for the original HomePod, the new generation is expected to overshadow those flaws. So we leave it to you now to decide which one you would prefer to buy.

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