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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro: What Is A Difference Between Them

Looking to purchase a MacBook series product, but confused between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, this guide will help you out.

MacBook is an Apple computer that is durable, user-friendly, and has good battery life. It uses a Retina display and has a longer life in comparison to many other laptops, it is well organized and has an easy navigation system too. But the question is which MacBook is better? In this article, we’ll see all the differences between MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro.

What is the Difference Between a MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

macbook air m2 vs macbook pro 16

Check out the main differences between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, including their prices, size, weight, technical specifications, etc below.

Which One is More Costly

MacBook Air is cheaper than the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air M1 2020 costs $999 and MacBook Air M2 2022 costs $1199. While MacBook Pro 14 2021 costs $1999 and MacBook 16 2021 costs $2499.

Size and Weight

MacBook Pro comes with bigger display size in comparison to the MacBook Air. The MacBook Air M2 2022 is 13.6 inches while MacBook Pro 2021 is 16.2 inches. MacBook Pro comes in many sizes from 13 to 16 inches but MacBook Air is still not even 14 inches long.
Due to MacBook Air’s lesser display size, it is lighter in comparison to the MacBook Pro and preferred by people who keep on moving or prefer to pack light.


MacBook Pro is mostly better in hardware category like MacBook Air M2 2022 has 8-core CPU and MacBook Pro 16-inch 2021 has 10-core CPU, but when we talk about efficiency cores, Pro 2021 16-inch only has 2 efficiency cores while Air M2 2022 has 4 efficiency cores.

MacBook Pro has mostly better memory size in comparison to Air, like MacBook Pro 16-in 2021 has up to 64 GB unified memory while MacBook Air M2 2022 can only go up to 24 GB unified memory.

Even GPU is better in MacBook Pro due to which it is highly preferred for editing and heavy graphic works.

Both of these models are suited for different roles like if you are a light traveler who doesn’t have much heavy work and looking for a not-so-costly Mac then MacBook Air is more suited for you. On the other hand, if you are looking for heavy work then MacBook Pro is a better choice for you. If you found this comparative guide useful then check out Apple M1 vs M2: Which Chipset is Better and How to Clear Icon Cache on MacBook.