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What are Amazon’s Prime Day Invite Only Deals?

Here's a guide that explains what are Amazon's Prime Day Invite-Only deals that allows user to select products in advance to purchase it.

Prime Day is a commercial operation of Amazon that was launched on July 15, 2020, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the brand. Since then, it has been repeated every year, around the same time. Prime Day usually lasts 2 days during which Amazon Prime subscribers can benefit from discounts on a large catalog of products. Sometimes, the eCommerce giant also offers Prime members access to exclusive Invite-Only deals. In this guide, we will explain what are Amazon’s Prime Day Invite-Only Deals below.

What do Amazon’s Invite Only Prime Deals Mean?

what does amazon's invite only prime mean

Those who have taken a subscription to Amazon Prime membership, these members can get access to exclusive Invite-Only deals. After that, the same Prime member can easily request an invitation. You can find the Invite-Only deals by checking out this Deals page.

Prime members can request most invitations before the start of Prime Day, but there are a few deals that might have long invite timings. Promotional sales exclusively for members of the Amazon Prime program are offered for a short period of time. It is thus possible to benefit from significant reductions on a wide range of products, ranging from electronic devices to clothing, passing through beauty products, household items, and many more.

In addition to product discounts, Amazon also offers special offers on its services, such as Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Reading.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime To Enjoy Invite-Only Deals

Go to the Amazon website and then search for “Invite-Only Prime Deal” for a product that you would like to buy on Prime Day. Here is the direct link to the Deals link.
Then go to the product detail page and choose the “Request invite” option.
In case, you are not a Prime member, then you will have to sign up for the same subscription, and then only you can request an invite.
Go to the email address that you used while signing up, here you will get a notification for the invite request.
That’s it, in this way, you can take advantage of the Prime Day Invite Only Deals.

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