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How To Add Workout In Apple Watch Series 7?

You can manually add workouts to Apple Watch and keep a track of your activities. Here is how to do that.

In case you forget to carry your Apple Watch during your workout sessions, you can manually add the data later on. This will help you to keep track of all your sessions. This can be done from the Apple Watch and from the iPhone device. The easiest one is via iPhone.

How To Add Workout in Apple Watch Series 7 using iPhone?

Apple Watch Workout App

Tap on Health App on the iPhone and tap on Browse at the bottom right end. In the Search box on top type Workouts. Look on the top right for Add Data option. Tap on it and then fill up the following information to add a custom workout to Apple Watch.

  1. Activity Type – Running, Rubgy, Rowling, Sailing, Skating, Dancing, Cycling, etc.
  2. Calories – Type the number of calories burned during the activity.
  3. Distance (mi) – Type the distance covered if any.
  4. Starts – Type the start date and start time.
  5. Ends – Type the end date and end time.

That’s it, fill up the details and done. Next time whenever your Apple Watch connects to the iPhone the data will be synced. This is how you can add workouts to Apple Watch Series 7. The same can be done from the watch without using iPhone. For that follow the below steps.

  • Tap on Workout App on Apple Watch.
  • Scroll Down then tap on Add Workout.
  • Fill in the up details to add the desired workout.

If you are too strict with your routine and hate to miss one then set up a reminder call for the same. This can you do by simply setting up a reminder before the workout stats. The feature is a part of watchOS 5. When the watch senses that you are working out you will see a workout option on the screen. Just tap and select the type of workout you are doing.

  • Tap on Workout on Apple Watch
  • Go to Start Workout Reminder

The watch does not start tracking the workout, it will whenever you start doing the same. This is a kind of simple automating feature to record your workout details. Use the above settings to activate workout reminders on Apple Watch.

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