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How To Turn On/Enable Apple Watch Theatre Mode (Series 7)

Watching a movie and do not want your Apple Watch to bug you for some hours, here is a solution.

Apple Watch has a DND feature that can be activated for a few hours. Especially when you are in a theater and do not to get distracted by notifications. You can use Apple Watch’s theater mode feature. It will turn on the screen dark, and turn it on the back when you tap on it. There are a few cool settings in this mode, and here is how to turn on theater mode in Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch, and older models.

Apple Watch DND Settings: Theater Mode

Apple Watch Theater Mode Icon

To turn on Theater mode, touch and hold at the bottom of the watch screen. Swipe up to open Control Center and look for the Theater Mode icon. Refer to the image above for the icon. Tap on this to turn it on and then enjoy your movie. You won’t be getting notifications for everything on the watch.

You will have to turn it off to restore Apple Watch’s default features. In the same control center, there is also a Silent Mode. It is best during meetings, Silent mode will turn off vibration and feedback from the watch.

How does Apple Watch Theater Mode Works?

  1. The display does not turn on when you move the wrist.
  2. Turns on Silent Mode.
  3. Turns off Walkie-Talkie Status.

You will still receive haptic notifications on the watch. That does not turn off so that you do not miss something important.

Apple Watch Control Center All Icons Functions:

To help you with more settings you can refer to the list of settings below with their icons. This icon will enable or disable some functions in Apple Watch. For example Airplane mode, it has a universal flight icon, which indicates by tapping on this all cellular networks and wifi will be disabled. Here is a list of every function in the Apple Watch Control Center running on watchOS8.

Apple Watch Icons

The first one is to enable and disable the Cellular network in Apple Watch. It is available in models which support e-sim feature. The second is to enable/disable wifi in Apple Watch. The third icon in the image above is to turn on Schooltime. And the last icon is to ping your iPhone if you are unable to find it. By tapping on that your phone will ring assisting you to locate it faster.

Apple Watch Icons

The first in the above image displayed the Apple Watch battery percentage. The second icon of a bell will turn on Silent mode. You can lock the app by pressing the lock icon and adding a passcode to it. The last one is for turning on Theater Mode.

Apple Watch Icons

The first icon is to turn on Apple Watch Walkie-Talkie mode. Second, enable Focus/DND mode on the watch. The rocket icon with blue background is for turning off Gaming Focus mode and the last one with the contact icon is to turn off Personal Focus mode.

Apple Watch Icons

The first icon of a bed with green background is to turn off Sleep Mode. The second one is to turn off Work Focus Mode, the torch icon is to turn on your iPhone’s torch and the last one is for turning on flight mode.

Apple Watch Icons

The water drop icon in Control Center is for turning on the Water Lock. Turn this on when you are walking in rain or in contact with water while using the watch. The second is to select audio output and the third one is to check the headphone volume. Finally, the last bell type icon is to manage Announce Notifications on Apple Watch.

Hope this guide will help you well in understanding all the settings of the Apple Watch control. We are having a few more interesting guides that you can check right now. Like how to download songs on Apple Watch?