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How to Activate Night Mode in Apple Watch Ultra

Looking for a way to enable or activate Night Mode in your new Apple Watch Ultra, here is a guide for you.

Apple Watch Ultra comes with many helpful features that are not only different from its predecessor but also better than them. This Apple Watch is made for rough outdoor use. It has a bigger display size when compared to other Apple Watch and comes with 2,000 nits of brightness. In addition, it has a titanium frame and ceramic and sapphire crystal back body. In this article, we’ll see how to activate or enable Night Mode in Apple Watch Ultra.

How to Enable or Activate Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra

Activate Night Mode in Apple Watch Ultra Red

This dark mode comes with a red face. And it is claimed to ease the stress on your eyes in the darkness. This feature can only be accessed if you are on a Wayfinder watch face. It is the default watch face of the Apple Watch Ultra. And this Night Mode is a feature that cannot be used in any other Apple Watch.

  • Turn on your Apple Watch Ultra and make sure you are on a Wayfinder watch face.
  • Then turn up your digital crown, it’s a small rotating structure on the right side of your watch.
  • You’ll get into Night Mode, if you want to turn it off, then rotate the digital crown in the opposite direction.

What Else Does the Apple Watch Ultra Have

It weighs 61.3gm and comes with a normal battery life of up to 36 hours. It has a customizable Action Button and it can resist water to 100m. Apart from that it also has a water temperature sensor and depth gauge. In addition to that, it has dual speakers and a Siren. The Action Button and Siren are exclusive to this watch. Additionally, you can edit the Action Button by going into the settings and selecting Action Button. Furthermore, you’ll see the Action option, tap on it and then scroll, choose the action like flashlight, dive, backtrack, etc.

The Siren proves very helpful in the case of emergencies, where you are stuck somewhere and are unable to call for help. You just need to press the bottom right side button and slide right to the Siren option.

This is all you need to know about how to turn on or activate the Night Mode on Apple Watch Ultra and what else it offers. Looking for more such guides, check out How To Turn Off Apple Watch and How To Backup and Restore Data on Apple Watch.