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Starfield Infinite Phased Time Bug: How To Fix

Facing the Phased Time bug in Starfield? Here are all the surefire workarounds to resolve this glitch and use the Phased Time power.

Being stuck on the Infinite Phased Time bug in Starfield can keep you occupied for hours in a frustrating loop that never ends. The Phased Time is a power that you get once you complete the main campaign of the game. Once obtained, this power is upgraded at the end of every playthrough or NG+ mode. But as players utilize this power, they are getting stuck due to a glitch of bug. While Bethesda has acknowledged and working to resolve this issue, this bug can ruin your gaming experience.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to fix the Infinite Phased Time bug in Starfield. In our guide, we have mentioned the best workarounds to resolve this bug and use this power. So, here’s all you should know to fix this issue.

How to Fix Starfield Phased Time Bug

Here are the following workarounds or solutions to resolve the infinitely stuck on Phased Time power issue:

Check for Latest Updates

Before we start with any of the below workarounds, ensure that you have installed the latest updates to apply any hotfixes by the developers. This should hopefully resolve any technical issues while using the Phased time power. But if the bug or glitch persists, try out the next workaround to resolve this issue.

Load your Saved File

You can reload a save file whenever you don’t encounter the Phased Time bug in Starfield. This can resolve the bug you are facing in no time. But the only drawback is that you can lose some progress. So, we highly recommend save scumming often to avoid such issues.

Restart Starfield

As suggested by Bethesda Support, saving and reloading the game can resolve this bug or glitch.

  • If you are currently falling, remove the boost pack and then, save the game.
  • Then, quit the game and ensure to remove it from Quick Resume on Xbox consoles.
  • But if that didn’t resolve the issue, we recommend restarting your PC or console.
Starfield Phased Time Bug Fix
Image Source – Steam

Board the Ship

Many players suggested this workaround to resolve the Infinite Phased Time bug. As you board a ship, sit on a chair or interact with objects. Hopefully, it will allow you to use the Power to resolve this bug soon.

Contact Bethesda Support

Ultimately, if none of the above workarounds resolved the Phased time glitch in Starfield, we recommend contacting Bethesda Support. Over there, select the “In-Game support” option and explain your issue to the Support team. Then, wait until the devs revert you with a suitable solution to resolve this bug.

Luckily, Bethesda has acknowledged this issue and is working to resolve it soon. When that happens, we will make sure to update this guide. Until then, you can check out our guide to find out the best Starfield Mods to upgrade your gameplay.

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